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Fires in Piedmont: emergency, photo

Naples Slavonic 27.10.2017 at 07:07

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In Piedmont raging fire: fire engulfed valleys of Turin and Cuneo. Against him entered the calculations of firefighters and 200 volunteers.

the air raised special planes and helicopters. The President of the region Sergio Chiamparino announced an emergency situation. In the coming days the situation may be complicated due to strong winds from the Alps.

a Particularly worrisome situation in the areas around the municipalities Cumiana, Kaprije and Cantaloupe. The critical situation in the communes of the district of Cuneo: in Pietraporzio and Casteldelfino. From fire areas have already been evacuated a few families, has died. (Writes

On the highway from Italy to France blocked forty vans. During the night, the situation worsened: the flames spread to the opposite slope of the mountains; hundreds of hectares of spruce and stone pine in the fire. The mayor of Cantaloupe called the situation a tragedy and said: β€œthe fire that threatened our homes and burning our forests, created by the hand of man.” Naples in Slavonic