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Sales Gearbest in November 2017 11.11

I Shopper 01.11.2017 at 19:04

I Shopper / RSS channel

Chinese shop Gearbest in November 2017 arranges another sale on the day of the bachelor 11.11. As in September, the new action will take place in 3 stages:

warm-up: c 1 to 7 November; sale: from 8 to 12 November; final chord: c 13 to 20 November. Link to the event on the English version of the website.

reference to the action on the Russian version of the site.

Warming up

On the main clearance page are coupons for products in different categories and popular brands, such as Xiaomi. Prices from 1.11$

Two times a day at 3 a.m. and 19 p.m. Moscow time, and also November 7, at 12 o'clock on the English version of the website will be waves of sales, each: 8 commodities 20 pieces. Including 4 pieces with a discount of not less than 2 times.

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