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FAS approved the tariffs for airport services Platov and denies the increase in ticket prices

News - Legal advice 03.11.2017 at 09:47

News - Legal advice

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) approved the long-term

adjustable rates of airport charges and tariffs for ground

a new airport complex in Rostov-on-don,

reported in the FAS. Rates are set in accordance with the current

methodology and investment parameters approved by the government

Commission on transport, added in the Department.

the FAS is not disclosed, but argues that the growth of prices for a ticket in the direction of the city

Rostov-on-don after the establishment of the new tariffs are expected as

in this area price formed in a competitive market. [Newline] the case of abuse by the airline and

unjustified price increases, the service will apply the methods of Antimonopoly

response, assured the FAS.

the Technical parameters of the project

(investment amount, area, and terminal capacity)

approved by the state Commission and investors are provided with financial

the state guarantee of the Russian Federation, have noted in Antimonopoly service.