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X-factor: the invasion "shovels" themes of the day 01.11.2017 at 21:00

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In the line of Apple smartphones with a large screen, called behind the scenes shovels, appeared in the fall of 2014 ( iPhone 6 Plus). But the company didn't stop there and has recently announced the iPhone even more due to the abandonment of the fields screen — iPhone X. Its sales officially start November 3, 2017. interviewed the owners of "shovels" from Apple, why they chose this format of gadget for communication. And experts said how potentially will be in demand iPhone X in Russia.

"X" at the threshold

the long Awaited new iPhone X, the most expensive iPhone in the history of the company, already practically "on the doorstep". November 3, 2017 start of official sales in Russia. "'s" iPhone will be available in the official online Apple store in stores Svyaznoy, M. Video, Euroset, Eldorado and several other outlets. Start of offline sales of the iPhone X in Moscow scheduled for 8:01 on 3 November in the flagship store Re:Store on Tverskaya, 27. At the same time, start the offline sales, some retailers, including some of the above listed.

a lot of money will rise not only the purchase of the iPhone new generation (in the US its price in the most modest configuration starts from $ 999), but his repair. Apple officially announced that iPhone screen replacement X will cost the user in 279 green (without buying the extended warranty). It is more than 50% more expensive screen replacement on the iPhone 8. Non-warranty repair other parts of the iPhone X will be even more expensive.

News asked the Russians, owning an iPhone 6 Plus and later the "pros", what purpose they had bought such a large "apples."

"I am small, but I love big things"

Anna, 29 years, journalist:

— I'm small, and like big things: phones, laptops, even refrigerators. On the big screen is better to watch TV shows and movies, read books. It is very convenient in circumstances when the TV in the house long abandoned, and often are in the way. In addition, a phone with a large screen helps me with work. I read the news from different websites and the passing news events. Greater vision — the efficiency of the above.

"And the review will not cover, and the picture is great"

Alexander, 54 years, Executive Director of the company:

— the Smartphone I most often use for two purposes: to call and see the route on the Navigator. Even the iPad Mini is a pretty bulky thing, if you put it on the stand over the wheel (I feel so comfortable, I have a SUV). And iPhone 6 Plus in this plan suits me: the review will not cover, and the picture is great.

"the Big-screen smartphone — just salvation"

Catherine, 28 years old, marketing Manager:

— I Have poor eyesight and large screen smartphone — just saving, because to see information from the phone in a larger font for me is not a whim but a necessity. In addition, I read comic books, and from the small screen to do it would be a disastrous idea. And Yes, a large iPhone relevant to me because I don't use the iPad.

in General, not iPhones, for myself, I do not consider. First, got used to the "Apple" interface. Second, my entire life used the iPod, it too is not small. Therefore, the iPhone Plus allows me to feel the sensation of the player in the tube.

"Some women buy shoes in batches, and here I iPhones like"

Irina, 25 years old, student:

— Honestly, I just love all the new items. And I would not say that they are using all their functions. But I definitely have the pleasure at least to hold a new device. Someone will say that it is self-indulgence. Well, let them. Some women are buying packs bags, some shoes, and I love iPhones. In a sense, this investment will be even better.

But, of course, I would not use the new iPhones and the iPhones in General, if I did not give them parents. While I don't work, get a second degree. And the scholarship was not the paramount need, of course, will not get rich.

"I'm changing My iPhone to a new immediately just because I can"

Helen, 58 years old, a housewife:

— I have to Say: at some point I decided to leave work and deal only with children. I have three of them. The benefit of the husband's earnings can not only, so to speak, to live in prosperity, but also to pamper yourself. So your iPhone I changed to a new one as soon as he appears, simply because they can. Well, in General, like iPhones.

"If heaven will fall on me iPhone X, won't say no"

Surveyed people (mainly inhabitants of Moscow) pointed out that the iPhone they will buy X in three cases: if you break the current iPhone, if you decide to go with your smartphone different brand for Apple products or if the new product is much cheaper ("at least one-third"). Thus more than others in novelties-"apples" interested young people.

"to be Honest, maybe because of age (I'm 30) I have enough of all the functions that are now in my iPhone 7 Plus. So I guess if I had to now change the phone, then I would take the iPhone 8 Plus. But of course, if the heavens will fall on me iPhone X, won't say no," says Sofia from Moscow.

"is Exactly the time when I was chasing every new iPhone. Umnel gradually. First began to sell the old iPhone and partially to extinguish them the cost of new. Then he just stopped so often to change "apples". Still, I'm not careless boy, and a husband and a father, — tells 35-year-old Kirill from Saint Petersburg. — In General, in the near future I think to buy a phone of another company and cheaper. You know, when you have two kids, you're not up to the coolest mobile phones".

the residents of non-capital cities, as a rule, most of them are not interested in the flagship-the news Apple, Samsung and other top manufacturers. The manufacturer and screen size do not play here a special role. "We pay a lot less than in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the capital, for example, my friend can buy a new iPhone, spending one of his salary. For me, this is the best five salaries, that is almost six months of work. And I, fake it so expensive gadget, and most live tagada?" — says doctor Elena from Saratov.

Quote Demand without frames

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Apple CEO Tim cook said that iPhone X sets the tone for technology for the next decade. In particular, because the smartphone contains a lot of technological "Goodies". However, he noted that Apple will try to avoid market shortage of the most technologically advanced iPhones, which experts predict. "We will work as much as possible to make the maximum possible number iPhone X", — assured cook.

pre-order the iPhone X could be done from October 27. Despite the high price of the smartphone, the increased demand for the new product has already appeared.

According to the website in the Russian Apple Store all the "x's", the delivery of which can be implemented with 3 to 7 November, was over in three minutes. Ten minutes after opening pre-order all models of iPhone X moved to the status "sending: four or five weeks."

before the start of official sales of services free ads "Yula" (owned Group) have noticed that citizens of Russia are posting ads on reselling the latest iPhones and even places in the waiting list for it.

"Ads about iPhone X posted on "Julia", can be divided into two types. In the ads of the first type serves to restructure pre-order the iPhone X in the official Apple store for the buyer; in the ads of the second type is to sell the phone as soon as it appears on the hands of the seller (since 3 November)", — stated in the message "Yuly".

the cost of the new iPhone X on the website of the advertising service comes with up to 190 thousand rubles, the redemption rights to the pre-order of the smartphone is in the range of 10-60 thousand.

According to PR Director of "Euroset" Alexander Pepper, for the first four days the number of pre-orders for iPhone X was 2.4 times more than the iPhone 8 and 6% more than the iPhone 7 in the same period of time.

"the Most popular pre-orders iPhone X c uses memory-256GB — 59% of pre-orders, the model with 64 GB of memory accounted for 41% of pre-orders, respectively. Still leading the model color Space Grey — 63%, iPhone X color Silver chosen by 37% of clients. We note strong demand for smartphones from Apple," says pepper.

the Company "M. Video" as the official partner of Apple in Russia opened pre-orders for iPhone X on the morning of 27 October. iPhone X with memory of 64 GB was worth 79 rubles, 980, 256GB — 91 950 rubles.

"On the afternoon of Saturday, October 28, over almost the whole party in the framework of pre-orders.

Now online and in retail "M. Video" you can leave your contacts — we will contact customers as soon as new supply," said in a press-service "M. Video".

According to the retailer, the demand for the iPhone X in a network "M. Video" more than ten times exceeded the pre-orders for the iPhone 7 and 8.

"Apple retains a strong position in the Russian market over the past year, the company increased market share both in monetary and in physical terms. Given the excessive demand at the stage of pre-orders, we expect sales, which will start on November 3 in "M. Video" and other Russian networks at the same time with the world will be successful," said in the press service of the retailer.

"the Messenger" has also opened pre-orders for iPhone X October 27, at 10:00, on sites and In the first weekend the number of applications for the Apple exceeded the performance of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus 4.5 times. Price iPhone X in "the Messenger" at the start of sales will be the same for all regions of presence of the retailer. The iPhone X 64 GB will be 79 990 rubles, the price versions with 256 GB of memory — 91 990 rubles.

given the total numbers of pre-orders in the "Connected" it is expected that the novelty will be in demand in Russia.

"Most buyers make applications for the iPhone X 256 GB Space Grey — nearly 50% of all pre-orders. The most popular color choice is the Space Grey, but the most popular amount of memory is 256 GB, — have told in a press-service "Coherent". — We attribute the popularity of the iPhone X because it is a new device from Apple c other technical characteristics and form factor that are of interest to Apple fans and a wider audience of buyers of flagship devices. We're seeing a steady growth of interest in edge-to-edge smartphones and tabletom as in "the Messenger", and in the overall market, and the release of the iPhone X will increase the interest of buyers to these types of devices in General. Frameless smartphones is a relatively new trend that will only grow. And the iPhone X will give impetus to this line of smartphones. We expect that in the future the number of producers who will be releasing smartphones with the most transparent framework, will increase. Will also rise and range of such devices."


In General, the "Connected" edge-to-edge gadgets are in 2017, the popularity in the flagship, and devices average price segments.

In the network of "Svyaznoy" seeing an increase in demand for smartphones from Apple: for the first nine months of 2017, the Russians acquired 26% more iPhones than in January — September 2016. As specify in a press-service of the retailer, the iPhone is one of the most popular smartphone models in Russia, among the top three leaders in sales of "smart" phones and still brings the biggest Russian retailers revenue from sales of smartphones — about one third.


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