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Work effect on your testosterone

Whether the work and career influence your testosterone? In great likelihood, it is possible. And it seems that in this matter there is some informal agreement among specialists.

Most men do not quite understand how strong can be the impact of their work on health and the hormone. To your attention are only some of the factors that can negatively affect testosterone levels.

the part-time Job, the main enemy of testosterone

Today, in many sectors people are working on replacement schedules. And, of course, industries, call centres and many other sectors of the economy allocate jobs that match this mode. Although this work and brings people money, it often affects their testosterone levels. Most of us know that our body and brain are naturally tuned to the circadian rhythm associated with the alternation of day and night. Any disruption or change that simple rhythm, usually reducing the production of testosterone.

Work in shifts - affects your testosterone. A new study by British scientists has shown an increase in cortisol and decrease testosterone production for this type of people. However, the causes of the phenomenon may not be directly related to disturbance of circadian rhythm. It should be noted that the main problem with shift work is associated with satisfaction/dissatisfaction of a worker, and noted lower levels of testosterone and the increasing need for restoration of unsatisfied employees. This fact is interesting because the brain can have a significant impact on testosterone levels.

NOTE. A part-time job can also increase a few big risk factors for erectile dysfunction. This means an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and, probably, erectile problems. Shift work in addition to impact on the testosterone, also puts you at risk of many other negative diseases, including obesity and prostate cancer.


a Major study among the British showed that about 13% of men suffer stress depression related to their work. In other words, every 7th man in the study was just depressed because his work was greatly influenced by him and the stress was too high. From the list of most influencing the depletion of the body at work: routine work, humiliation, isolation, lack of confidence in their own work environment.

also found one important factor that is associated with the work, which can increase the stress: long hours/overtime. In other words, the more overtime, the more likely it is to fall into depression and make many other psychological and physical problems.


cortisol Levels are directly correlated with stress. Cortisol, in the end, the "stress hormone." Almost all of that increase cortisol levels, reduce testosterone levels, and this will cause, in turn, fatigue and lack of energy.


Your work can help increase fat deposits. Some people immediately objected to this statement, insisting that it's all in the number of calories that you need to consider, and nothing more. Bad working environment can have a negative impact on stress levels, insulin and appetite. If you are in a negative working environment, it is much easier to gain weight. The risk of obesity may increase in high-performance, and those who work many hours".

the study Data showed only a tendency of lower testosterone. However, all that considerably increases the fat, put testosterone at risk. Our advice is to monitor these factors and to draw attention to the drastic changes your lifestyle!