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Taxes and disputes themes of the day 06.11.2017 at 21:00

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The Russians were absolute Champions among the inhabitants of the "big twenty" disagreement with the tax policy of the state. In all other respects the attitude of our citizens to taxes and tax policy are quite comparable from the point of view of representatives of other leading Nations of the world.

the Talk about tax policy holds never. There are always supporters and opponents of the established system, and the balance of their opinions depends largely on the future fiscal policy of particular States. The Association of chartered certified accountants (ACCA) and the international Federation of accountants (IFAC) conducted a survey of 7.6 thousand citizens of the G20 countries to ascertain their attitude to the existing tax policy. The study involved men and women over the age of fiscal responsibility, they have different income and ethnicity. In the G20 includes 19 leading countries and the European Union. It's 2/3 of the world population and about 80% of world GDP.

Below the position of the respondents on three key issues.

1. Whom to trust: accountants — Yes, politicians — no

Society needs a credible and trusted source to whom you can turn for advice and education. Respondents tend to know more about tax policy and to protect themselves, prefer to seek the services of experts: 57% of respondents said that they trust professional accountants, 49% trust tax lawyers.

While 67% said that they categorically do not trust politicians, 41% do not trust the media, and 38% — to the heads of corporations. Among the possible causes of isolated inaccurate reporting and General opacity of the system.

In Russia the overall trends are about the same: 63% don't trust politicians, 39% do not feel confidence in the media, 33% refuse to trust businessmen. While in Russia less than the average for the "twenty", trusted by professional accountants (39%).


it is Interesting that Russia is dramatically different view of non-governmental organizations: in General in G20 countries people feel the credibility of non-governmental organizations, and in Russia, 23% strongly do not trust them. Except Russia, all countries of "twenty" similar attitude only residents of Japan: there 18% do not share the General confidence in NGOs. Respondents from other G20 countries belong to non-governmental organizations were generally positive.

2. Tax tax cooperation or individualism?

What is the priority for residents of countries G20 in the tax system: put in the forefront the interests of the state or cooperate with other countries?

the purpose of such international cooperation, attracting foreign investors and modernization of the tax legislation without the suppression of national economies. 73% of the citizens of the "big twenty" agreed that a consolidated position and tax cooperation between countries should be a priority. The most positive is the attitude of the people of Argentina (73%), India (71%), Indonesia (80%) and Turkey (77%). Least the willingness to coordinate positions on taxes from other States show, Germany (50%), Canada (52%) and Japan (49%). In Russia 62% of respondents agree that cooperation in the tax policy more important than tax of individualism.

In General, the participants in the survey of the international tax system was 3.5 times more priority than the promotion of national interests. However, respondents also admitted that there are barriers that complicate the concept of international partnerships. The most acute problems of steel double taxation, the impact of exchange rates on taxable income, harmonization of measures on struggle against concealment of taxes.

Quote 3. Is it fair to tax payments?

the respondents ' Attitude to the volume of tax payments of different classes of taxpayers is one of the most controversial issues. 56% of respondents from the countries of "twenty" confident that local companies are paying enough tax. 52% believe the fair tax payments of global corporations. The same number of people — 52% — think the medium and the poor pay enough, 46% agree with the policy for those who have high income.

also note that most do not agree with the tax policy, the people of Russia: 24% of Russians would change policies on a local and transnational business, 36% think it is unfair for medium - and low-income, and 39% would like to change the amount of tax deductions for people with high income.

Effective tax system is formed not only numbers, but also sentiment. Ultimately, it is ordinary people who determine the direction of future reforms. From the survey results it is clear that most of the countries "big twenty" is ready to change. The question is, will they be able to come to consensus.

Vera STARODUBTSEVA, head of ACCA Russia, for

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