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Wear inomoderator - don't feel anything

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 13.11.2017 at 07:45

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Quote: Oksana (Message 4747) Thank you Elena! What a detailed response! Very interesting!

I spoke to several Masters, all of them (shot damage))

Then the next one said no, the damage on the spot! And again removed, and then again!))

On the stake bast - start first))

And I'm sure that 90% of these people were not charlatans. Just couldn't remove all.

One (the strongest) and admitted that he could not,after a six-month attempts (and paid only one visit, that is, self-interest is excluded) And he became sick and this was associated with my situation. He was very tactful, but was forced to retreat, because he himself has been bad.

it was to Immunomodulation.

I decided to stop using healers))

And I don't want his whole life until retirement to go and take this damage)) Probably, it is generally not removed))

Thank All who have replied to the PM!

Very touched! Thank You! __________________________________________

In all actions, words and deeds comes the reckoning, the boomerang returns! When a man does not live by the laws of the cosmos, its beginning to stop, the first series is not luck, sickness and so on. Damage same stop, as if made someone. Only when a person gets in a difficult moment, begins to ponder his life. Changing himself, changes the world in a circle, entourage, people! Living righteously in harmony with the surrounding world, with all the living, or anything, and no one will not cause the person bad. 3 forces - LOVE, LIGHT, GOODNESS, live with them!


Thank you, Lord!

In me you live forever!

I implore you: "You be in me forever,

Adversity and sadness with me sharing!"

Thank you, Lord!

Because in this world only love is eternal!

to betray Her I dare not careless!

Just to save, able loving!

Thank you, Lord!

You gave me faith in the infinite!

My angel arrived, he'll be dead forever!

Now, because the wings will have me!

Thank you, Lord!

I have the power to found, with love dismiss

Buds light up!

Heavenly blue cover

unrequited All around you!

Thank you love!


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