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Leonardo da Vinci invented the smartphone in the XV century

NEWS PLANET 12.11.2017 at 09:22

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Inventor and artist with a world name — Leonardo da Vinci — was born in the mid-fifteenth century. Throughout his life he kept a diary and drawings which later allowed us to reproduce revolutionary things. So, it was Leonardo first described the creation of firearms, parachute, Bicycle, etc. the list is very long.

it is Surprising that in the 15th century there was absolutely no technology which could somehow push the inventor to set forth thoughts. Leonardo even predicted the advent of phones and televisions, because of this, people began to name the inventor of the "black magician".

Among the many drawings in the diary was found a detailed description of the invention very similar to the modern telephone. This fact suggests that da Vinci could see the future or he might even traveled back in time.