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In three places of our planet there was a powerful earthquake, they warned of the unknown

NEWS PLANET 13.11.2017 at 17:44

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Today in Iraq, Japan and America occurred three earthquakes from 6.6 and 7.5 points. It happened in completely different points at the same time. It would seem that there is nothing unusual, as in recent earthquakes happens a lot.

First tremors felt in Iran. Then some people noticed a strange message on American conspiracy the forum from the unknown man, who said that eight hours will burn any fuse. To clarify the situation, oddly enough, after 8 hours — there was a new earthquake.

After a series of aftershocks unknown has left a new message. It said about another attack, but now on the air. At the moment the police are trying to establish the identity of the "prophet". It is known that the user has used the Belgian VPN, so things are complicated.

according to the conspiracy theorists, earthquakes could cause Keepers that live deep beneath the earth, they "pushed" plate. There is also a version that the incident is a signal to the to minimize military training with the use of nuclear weapons.