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The Bank is coming for you themes of the day 14.11.2017 at 21:00

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Race banks in the data threatens to turn into a total surveillance customers. And with the help of scoring tools that can create a system of individual ratings, as is happening in China. Based on this rating, the most trustworthy will gain access to affordable loans. And the rest — no.

Experts interviewed by, said that thanks to technology, you can easily build a caring police state, and China's experience shows that citizens are happy to take on its creation.

In China are developing the social credit system, which will be based on personal ratings of the citizens, and, as Wired reports, in 2020, all citizens will be required to participate in this system. The development of algorithms, based on which Chinese citizens will get the ratings, is now engaged in several private companies. According to the publication, one such system, called Sesame Credit is already running a subsidiary of Alibaba holding. In it, users receive points based on the parameters such as credit history, the opportunity in the future to fulfill the obligations, verification through personal data, behavior and preferences.

Idleness, and diapers

"for Example, if a person plays video games for ten hours a day, it will be considered as an idle person, — explains the Director of technology If Sesame Inuni. — The one who often buys diapers, it will be considered a parent, which is likely to be an inherent sense of responsibility." The system will assess online interaction with other people and how positively human behavior in social networks. For example, positive messages about the government will cause the rating to rise, and the negative can be reduced. (The latter, apparently, not only the Chinese criteria.)

the Publication gives an example of the benefits that users receive from Credit Sesame. If the rating in the system reaches 600 points, the user can take a loan for 5 thousand yuan to spend for purchases on Alibaba. If the rating of above 650 points without collateral to rent a car and take a quick check in hotels and VIP check-in at the international airport of Beijing. A rating of more than 750 points gives you the opportunity to speed up the Schengen visa.

the human in Sesame can affect even the chance to go on a date or to marry, because the higher it is, the more noticeable becomes the profile in the app for Dating Baihe. Credit Sesame gives you recommendations on how you can improve your rating. And warns that the number of points can adversely friendship with a person who has a low rating. After system startup, its rating boasted almost 100 thousand users of Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter). The high ranking was a great way to demonstrate your status.

Who now owns the scoring instruments and tries to get as much information as possible about each client? Of course, it's the banks. And now they are ready to learn not only information about the creditworthiness, but also the psychological characteristics of borrowers.

As reported by Sberbank in 2018 is planning to launch the model scoring borrowers on the psychological portrait, which is determined on the basis of "digital footprints". With the help of social network analysis analyzes the psychological characteristics of a person and projected behavior.

News Interface and discrimination

Experts interviewed by, I believe that the introduction of social credit system, similar to Chinese, in our country there are all necessary technologies. And banks can become the initiators of the development of such algorithms. But recall that the Russians have developed over centuries of experience of evasion and sabotage of any government initiatives.

the Society has thousands of years of living in conditions of discrimination of certain population groups than others, says co-owner of the company "Biznesprom" Arseniy Poyarkov. "The development of modern technology does not change this fact, but provides a convenient digital interface that allows to digitize the status quo. Belonging to a certain group of the population initially determines the probability to receive higher education, quality health care, a job, which affects the availability and cost of financial services. For anybody not a secret that any credit institution conducts a scoring of the borrowers at a very wide range of options. The greater the number of parameters to take into account, so, in theory, more accurate evaluation is obtained," he says.

"Technology now allows a great deal, including the establishment of a comprehensive ratings. From the point of view of the scale of the project the project is impressive, but if you dig, it is a hellish mix of the classic police state and the ideas of "enlightened paternalism" freshly baked Nobel laureate in Economics Robert Thaler. The result should be good, knowing the needs of the resident and caring for them a police state. If you bring this plan to its logical limit, these ratings could be in Sparta and there would screen out people not on the physical condition at birth and thrown into the abyss of a more complex criteria", — said the chief economist of rating Agency "Expert RA" Anton tabah.


"this rating can divide people into two irreconcilable fronts: those who have a good rating and those who have it is negative that will lead to a sharp aggravation of the situation in the country" — warns Director of retail business of RosEvroBank Dmitry Falaleev.

According to him, Russia and in the whole entire world, such a system represents an even greater threat than you can appreciate at first glance. "The rating will be electronic, this means that the database of citizens, which stores all information about them, down to the address, and favorite books the child will regularly be subjected to cyber attacks. There will be a variety of illegal and fraudulent offers that are over a certain amount will supposedly increase your rankings. Also, the rating system implies that for a traffic violation and complaints on the Internet rating reduce and neighbors and follow the "party line" add points. This means that the era will start snitching on each other to raise your rating. Corruption also has not been canceled — for a certain amount the employee organization that maintains the rating, will rise in him. With the introduction of the rating will be a huge number of citizens who find themselves on the sidelines of life due to this system. This system is more of a spy and enemy of its own people than the assistant of state that the assurances, is designed to improve life in the country. In Russia such a system will not accept with open arms," says Falaleev.

the Evasion and sabotage

the Cons of such a system far exceed all sorts of advantages, as sauce care of the people there will be a tool for segregation, when anyone can be removed from the society, agrees Anton tabah. "Too great a risk that such cooperating will be used to stifle dissent and any deviation from the standard. Such instruments would seem very attractive to security services that can be consolidated with the banks to give openly totalitarian as the taste of caring people. But law and public opinion should firmly stand in the way of such initiatives, — says Tabah. — And it's not just about China or universal rating — now many structures already have an excessive amount of information about our actions and the ability to manipulate our behavior. That is why many people who are ideologically and who intuitively don't want to be "under the hood müller": not all operations are carried out through a single Bank, the maximum use cash, etc. it Should be noted that our fellow citizens have a lot of experience at dodging and sabotage such measures."

Dmitry Falaleev reminds us that it's ten largest banks involved in the pilot project on the analysis of the creditworthiness of citizens on the basis of their transactions with plastic cards, and it is precisely confidential information about customers — their purchase. "The banks in Russia already in favor of collecting as much information about their customers and about individuals who could become future customers for making the best deals or to know the degree of trustworthiness of the borrower, so as not to "burn" with the issued loan. This crazy race for customers scares people who do not want the Bank knew what color the pants or hats they prefer. For the Bank this kind of information looks data. Babbitt also believes that he was being followed," he notes.

"the Ranking of each individual already exists, it is a fact. Yet it is not as open and social as in the series "Black mirror".

But he has definitely affects the access of people to social benefits", — said Arseniy Poyarkov.


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