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In Nigeria "broke out" dangerous smallpox virus created in the laboratory

NEWS PLANET 15.11.2017 at 09:10

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Radio Hal Turner Radio Show have heard the shocking news: Nigeria "broke out" dangerous smallpox virus created in laboratory conditions.

Monkeypox (the so-called virus) can spread to primates and humans. When the strain started to beat in the years 1970-1986 African animals, there were also 400 infected people.

the disease may not manifest for two weeks. After completion of the incubation period in humans is usually seen these symptoms: swelling lymph nodes, headache and muscle pain, rash all over the body.

Smallpox has the ability to be airborne, so you need to stop any contact with animals/people if there were any signs of infection.

the Doctors yet counted six infected, but this figure will definitely increase. This time the virus is not as "brutal" as it was in the late twentieth century.