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15 000 scientists sounding the alarm: the Earth loses oxygen

NEWS PLANET 16.11.2017 at 07:12

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15 thousands of scientists from around the world made up a scary letter to the leaders of all countries. The message States about the impending Apocalypse that will trigger a significant reduction of the oxygen on Earth.

it Should be noted that this second "Warning to humanity", the first was back in 1992. According to experts, a grim fate awaits the world's population.

Over the past 25 years, people have significantly changed the nature and original landscapes. Anthropogenic forcing is an urgent need to minimize, otherwise, the tragic end is inevitable.

In 1992, scientists were worried about the ozone holes, but now the experts do not know what to worry more: global climate change, the disappearance of species and entire forests or reduction of oxygen.

a lot of oxygen is produced by algae and phytoplankton, however, the last time the oceans formed "dead zones" — water space, where all life dies out. As noted, this is one of many causes of this problem.