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In England, on the coast discovered a huge claw

NEWS PLANET 16.11.2017 at 16:21

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On the coast of Wales town of England were thrown a claw a huge size. As noted by the fishermen, the body of its owner has to reach a length of about one meter. It is difficult to imagine such a large shellfish.

the Claw of the lobster was found by a local farmer Sean Krijnen. The man said that he was very surprised when found twenty centimeters claw. It is worth noting that fishermen usually catch lobsters by twenty centimeters. And then only claw was even greater than the palm of a farmer. It is clearly visible in the photo. If a creature with such a limb is grabbed by a local fisherman on the wrist, it easily would have broke it.

Sean suggests that this giant lobster was about fifty years old. The estimated weight of the giant - about eight kilograms.

it's Amazing how such a mutant could swim in the water of Wales, it is usually a huge creature found in the North Atlantic ocean (around the United States and Canada). It was there that the catch of large crustaceans to 60 cm in length and weighing 5-6 kg.