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Scientists: Sun-gone are all the spots

NEWS PLANET 16.11.2017 at 18:39

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If a month ago, the scientists recorded a number of spots on the Sun, but today experts say that facing the Land side there is not a single spot. This indicates a decline in activity lights.

As is known, solar activity directly depends on the number of spots. What spots serve as a kind of benchmark for determining the cyclicality of lights: every eleven years the number of sunspots reaches a maximum value, and then within a certain time reaches the minimum mark, which is called solar minimum.

Astronomers have calculated that spot needs to go completely by 2018. By the end of next year, the magnetic energy will turn to absolute zero, it will determine the turning lights to an object with symmetrical proportions. In 2019, the recurrence should begin to re-gain momentum.

Scientists note that minor solar activity can cause climate change. So, earlier the coming ice age was associated with the solar Maunder minimum. Then the activity lights stopped already for a decade.