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Can the traffic police fined a tired driver?

News - Legal advice 17.11.2017 at 09:32

News - Legal advice

In the rules of the road (SDA) no term

"fatigue" or "tired driver", but there is a "tired state".

the Rules expressly prohibit the driver to drive in a morbid or

fatigued, and also control the vehicle with a

a violation of the regime of work and rest. This is stated in paragraph 2.7 of traffic rules:

"the Driver is prohibited to drive a vehicle in a

painful or fatigued or compromising the security

movement; a violation of the regime of work and rest, established

by an authorised Federal body of Executive power".

the inspector Can be fined a tired driver, told avtoyurist-law League.of the Russian Federation.

"Formally can. But to establish the fact of fatigue is impossible,

accordingly, on this basis the driver will never be punished.

the Maximum that can make the inspector is to offer the driver

to rest. The inspector also cannot send a driver to

the medical examination to confirm the fact of fatigue. But if

the inspector has reason to believe that this is not just a painful or

tired state, and it may be caused by alcohol or

narcotic intoxication, in this situation, the police may conduct a

on-site inspection," — said the expert.