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Action "new year discounts 2018"

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 16.11.2017 at 13:28

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Friends, from November 16 to announce "new year discounts 2018". Why so early? Just felt like it :)

Yes, even in the autumn heat, the first timid snow had fallen just a couple of days ago, but the New year is around the corner and, to be honest. this year they have slightly smacks.

Postavlyaetsya will later, in the meantime, let's reward ourselves action discounts.

What can be better as a gift, not unimodular Lab Infotech? Of course, for people who know a lot about them.

►Unimodularity that give us a chance to change - to become healthier, happier and more prosperous.

►Unimodularity, which helps to better understand yourself and the world around us.

►Unimodularity, which are in fact the magic key to our resources and fantastic opportunities.

remember, dear friends, that the post of Russia at the holidays, especially for the New year with a huge overload. And all I would like to have their gift was delivered on time. Because the road spoon for dinner. So take care of sending gifts in advance.

the offer "new year discounts 2018" is valid for guests of our club and website, and full members of the club KIT.

*** For club members discounts on this promotion are added to their club discounts.

*** If the guest became a partner of our store then its fee in the amount of 10% (essentially a discount) will also stack with discount on the stock.

How to become a partner store >>

club Membership KIT and it gives the >>

the Conditions represented in the two tables below.

table 1 is for guests with table 2 - members and partners of the store.

the Restrictions on the number of purchased unimodular for this action.

table No. 1 - guests

the Name of unimodular base price RUB.

Value subject to holiday discounts, RUB

Individual: breeze-3, breeze-4, Torch, the nymph of the individual, the centaur (EM months), Tigris individual, the Pilot, Spring ind., Svyatogor, KIT-4 2520,0 2310,0

Wall - /table-Nymph, Tigris, Spring 2520,0 2310,0

Unimodularity breeze, a unicorn, a Jaguar 3780,0 3360,0

EM breeze-7

7560,0 6720,0

Individual inomoderator Fairy, Phoenix 6300,0 5670,0

EM Owl, Sail 12600,0 11130,0

Inomoderator Octopus - protection from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation 840,0 714,0 1 KE = 42 RUB

table No. 2 for Valid club members

the Name of modulators of Holiday discounts in KE - club units

Discount in rubles

EM individual: breeze-3, breeze-4, Torch, the centaur (EM month), Tigris individual, the Pilot, Spring ind., Svyatogor, KIT-4 5 KE of 210.0

EM Tigris , table Spring 5 KE of 210.0

EM breeze, a unicorn, a Jaguar 10 KE 420,0

uh Board of Briz-7 ("Board")

20 KE 840,0

EM individual Fairy, Phoenix 15 KE 630,0

EM Owl, Sail a 35 KE 1470,0

EM Octopus 3 KE 126,0

1 KE = 42 rubles.

don't be late to make the best gift!