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Recently in mass-media there were messages that from next year the SIM card can be an identifier of the individual citizen in Russia and replace him with a passport. decided to investigate whether the identification of the individual SIM cards in the near future. And than it threatens us.

While the head of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov has denied this information, explaining that we are talking only about the possibility of identification via the SIM card, but not on replacement of the passport of the citizen of the "Simcoe".

What happened? And that made a very important step towards electronic identification. Yes, until the paper no one in Russia does not cancel completely and a passport to replace the SIM cards is not going to. But it just yet.

the News is "Balalaika" in your head

once we are talking about the replacement of passports, SIM cards, many people immediately recall the cycle of novels "Enclaves" Russian science fiction writer Vadim Panov. In his novels, the author draws a possible near future where earth's depleted resources, the government actually belongs to Enclaves is a major scientific-industrial corporations, almost all food is synthetic, and in the mind of each resident installed a chip called "balalaika". This chip carries a lot of useful for the user: it is possible to install programs to improve their skills, to view news by a simple movement of the eyes at any time to contact any friends (Yes, Yes, Yes, all the functions of a modern smartphone, only once in the head, without extra gadgets).

But the most useful for the authorities — the possibility of total control of citizens. After all, the "balalaika" fix anything that happens to a person: what he sees, hears, moves where and does what. Any custody order is sufficient to scan the chip and get detailed information. In such a situation, actively growing and developing black market of information technologies, as opposed to corporations and aimed to bypass the control system.

the First novel in the series was published in 2005. It seemed like the usual fiction piece in the style of cyberpunk. But just 12 years later, in 2017, such "balalaika" does not seem to be something impossible. The prospect of such a scenario did not seem far off.

it is Possible in principle, identification of the citizen on a SIM-card?

Digital passport: do not lose the iPhone face

On the possibility of replacement of passports of the citizen of the SIM cards was the first to respond, unsurprisingly, telecoms operators.

"In the framework of the "Digital economy" it is planned to develop various user-friendly IDs for a communication in the digital environment. The use of mobile ID in the form of a phone number or SIM card — it is a logical step", — commented the press service of "MegaFon".

of Course, with the digitalization of everything, the transition to electronic passports seems quite logical and correct. What prevents us technically to implement this method? Yes, almost anything.

In fact, what is a SIM card? It is the chip on which information is recorded. With the same success, the identifier may be any other storage medium, such as a smart card or a token (secure flash). On any of these carriers can record the personal data of the citizen. And to support biometric identification for security. The more that technology manufacturers of gadgets strongly contribute to such decisions. Suffice it to recall the Face ID feature (so-called face unlock) the new IPhone X. the Resulting dual identity: it is considered a "passport", and confirmed the identity. All quickly and conveniently. Thus, purely technically no limits for the transition to full electronic identification no.

What's missing?

first, lacking elaboration of measures to ensure security. And not afraid of these words, government regulation. Digital market itself is new and dynamic, and therefore quite natural. And threats, including potential, is fraught with a lot. And when it comes to electronic passports, that is an huge database of all citizens of the state, security must be phenomenal.

not surprisingly, the press service of the operator "Beeline" comments on the implementation of the "SIM-passports" with caution: "This idea needs to be examined in detail, especially from the point of view of IT security. In addition, it is unclear how, for example, in such cases, when one person was not one but several SIM cards. That is, a person will have multiple IDs? It is also unclear how to be cases where your phone is used by your friends or relatives." Indeed, in the current market situation it is not excluded some confusion with the identification of this kind.

There is another "subtle point": in our country, passports and other identity documents, public authorities. As if ID use a SIM card, there is a difficult situation of division of competences between operators and government. This idea is supported by the information security specialists.

"today a turnover of SIM card do cell phone operators. If the SIM card be similar to a passport, then this function should take the state. Will that SIM card you'll have to go to the operator and to the Department of the Federal migration service (we are talking about replacing the FMS from April 2016 chief Directorate for migration of the Ministry of interior. — Approx.", — says head of audit financial institutions Digital Securuty Andrew Haiko.

in addition, says Haiko, now the attacker, there are well-established schemes of receipt of the copy of the SIM card of the victim through the sales offices of mobile operators. Attackers are turning to sellers at the point of sale, and by bribery or force you to make a duplicate SIM card. Because many of the citizens mobile Bank tied to the phone number, the fraudsters simply steal money from the victim's account by having his mobile number. Such cases are not uncommon. "If the SIM card is recorded on her passport to leave the cellular operator, the potential attackers will be able to make legal transactions on behalf of the victim. This opens up the scope for a large number of fraudulent schemes," — said the expert.

don't forget about the huge market of "grey" SIM cards. For many years the government work with operators trying to eradicate this problem. But not yet obtained. That means talking about the mass replacement of passports, SIM cards is premature.

international experience

Legally our economy is not yet ready for the transition to a fully digital identification of citizens. What is happening in other States? Are there successful examples abroad, which can be for the development of the Russian strategy?

About such cases Banks.Roux also said Andrey Haiko: "If you look from a technical point of view, the chip on the SIM card similar to the chip that is placed on the credit card or any other smart card. For example, in Estonia for a long time already issue electronic passports, which represent a smart card with stored in her chip information about the citizen. Since 2012 in Latvia is issuing the electronic ID cards. In Belarus expect the results of a similar document in 2018. In addition to information about the citizen, card can record biometric data, and certificates of electronic signature. In particular, certificates are used for signing by the citizen of documents in electronic form. Thus, it becomes possible interaction of the citizen and the state through electronic document management. So, no need for paperwork and personal visits to the authorities."

What will be, will be

With all the pros and cons, the transition to digital identification in Russia is almost inevitable. And we in General are, given the development of technologies and foreign experience. It is the government and major players in the market: banks, mobile operators, IT companies. The first examples of the implementation we will see probably in the next two to three years. Given the speed of implementation of digital solutions in technology-intensive and legally complex industries such as banking, for example.

"the Transition to digital media in the light of the identification of the logical. However, this issue is not next year, but a more distant perspective. The necessary development of the legislative framework, which will allow you to use a SIM card or other identifier as a replacement passport. With this SIM card, in the case of tighter legislation on their results, it can be such a tool. This will allow to shift the costs of issuing identifiers and responsibility for their reliability on operators.

It is necessary to work out methods of protection that will not allow the fraudsters to use such identification for their own purposes. But for citizens, in the case of high level of protection, is a convenient tool of identification, which will always be at hand" — says a senior analyst IR "freedom Finance" Bogdan Zvarich.


So maybe soon we will have to prepare a place for "balalaika" in my head. It's not so bad, because we have freed the hands, and the speed of information processing will grow significantly. Yes, the threat is possible, but with proper implementation of some of them can be avoided. The prospect of a replacement passport SIM card in the foreseeable future is very real.


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