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We play everywhere: at home, at work, in the supermarket, in a cafe, games for children and not. Cashback, KPI , rating Uber and hall of fame — all these are elements of the game we plunge headlong. figured out how the game mechanisms work in the banking industry and everyday life.

to work On the quest

"Gamification" is the use of game mechanics in non-game context. The word fashion, but the phenomenon is not new: portraits of the best employees of the month are essentially no different from the ranking of the best players same computer games.

To the game mechanics first and foremost is to look for HR: the more young people come to work, the sooner you need to figure out how to encourage them to "likes".

Gamification can relate to each of us. As we know from social psychology, people play games regardless of age. In fact, any social process can be likened to a role-playing game or a certain algorithm.


the opinion of the head of the analytical Department of "Golden Hills-Capital AM," Mikhail Krylov, about gamification to say with positive reinforcement of actions of customers. For example, you have come to the corporate party, performed a difficult job and won a rare commemorative coin, went to the website of the company in watch sales and got a good discount. Transferred to a brokerage account about 100 thousand dollars, increased the amount in the account during the month and have the opportunity to participate in deals that in the past have given high returns. For example, in pre-IPO.

the game Elements in the workflow, as a rule, like employees. When clear rules, and clear career prospects. And this, in turn, helps to maintain a responsible approach to their own success, and reduces any feelings about injustice. But most importantly — it creates an atmosphere if not of the festival, the quest.

"Career in the support service Rocketbank is a real game with lots of levels, quests and bonuses — says Director of client services and operations Rocketbank Inga Labakhua. — We often play over a space theme and our support is more like battle fleet: the fighters are divided into two lines (the second fight more experienced veterans), the leader of each squadron is a captain who supports, instructs and supervises their fighters. In order to move from one level to another, you need to reach certain heights, to develop useful skills."

In other divisions of the Bank and also use gamification to motivate employees. For example, in the marketing Department hanging screen plans for the month. On the scale of real-time activation of new cards. This visual motivates employees to come up with new contests to attract new customers.

the lure of Millennials

90% of customers of the same Rocketbank — Millennials, who have learned to ignore conventional ads. They are difficult to motivate just great deals. They don't watch TV, react poorly to outdoor advertising and almost do not pay attention to banners on the Internet, even if they don't have adblocker. So in the case of Millennials classical channels do not work well: the is not notice or do not believe her.

But they love computer games and well understand most of game mechanics.


"and Different contests have different tasks. Some contests are introduced to the Bank, and some just entertain that often increases loyalty. For example, in "Historiae" there were a few jobs that was a classic game — labyrinth runner (the"Satires"). They played millions of times just because the game turned out great. Thus, only by becoming a Bank customer, you can get a guaranteed prize or to maximize the chances of the main prize," — says Director of marketing, Rocketbank Basil master.

In General, the Bank is of the opinion that the less the mandatory conditions in tenders, the more people want to pass all the tests to finish. "In our competitions often have the task to "bring a friend," continued Basil easily — But we do it only because they believe: "Rocketbank" is recommended with a clear conscience".

speaking of "Conscience". In honor of the anniversary card installments on the day was running a game where people can try on the role of the user. The game reveals the ability of map users to allocate their cost, and schedule purchases to get the best price, and not to succumb to the tricks of the sharks marketing.

the Process is very simple: you enter the virtual shop with different goods: from food to sneakers, snowboard and travel. Your budget — 200 thousand rubles. They need to purchase max products for 12 months. But it is important to note that the rates during the year vary and there is always a moment when the purchase the best. As a result, you will understand which models of consumer behavior usually choose, and even get some tips on what I should improve in order to optimize the spend money.

"Life" for "thank you"

Gamification is a new trend that exists not only in the banking business, but also in many other areas. It is due to the trends of time and the availability of modern technologies and devices. Financial products are often quite complex, the user needs and to explain the service and give instructions for its use.

"Gamification can be quite different. Alfa-Bank, we use it in individual cases in order to talk about different services and products to people. Teach them to use the services, which they don't always know," says the head of segment marketing of retail business of Alfa-Bank Denis Okhrymovych.

According to Okhrymovych, games suitable for all generations. "It is clear that more young people games closer and they have a little more time and less worries than adults. The very need to engage in unusual activity, which goes beyond his routine life, a person, of course. Therefore most people react to such activity very well," he said.

the Biggest Bank in the country will not hesitate to use gamification in their work. 11 November 2017 on the website started the game savings "In pursuit of likes." The mechanics of the flash game "In pursuit of the huskies" implies completing levels and earning a "thank you". In this case, used in the game is a bonus "thank you" are virtual slot bonuses. For a "thank you" can get more "life" to continue the level after failing.

the News Play by the rules

it's One thing when you talk about the benefits of the product, and quite another — if you invite users to take part in the game. Gamification is becoming one of the most popular modern marketing trends.

Game mechanics in a separate special projects are often used in Tinkoff Bank. One of the most striking examples — "Tinkoff's Quest", which is held in the Bank in 2015.

the draft was based on the technology of real-time marketing EVAM, which allows online to submit assignments. In addition, each participant could receive messages at different stages of the quest.

real-time marketing finds in the Bank daily application. For example, if the system sees that a customer made a purchase at the Mall, in which there are partners Tinkoff Bank, it can send SMS with information about special offers from these partners.

"Our experience shows that gamification can heat be perceived by different age categories. The maximum involvement and activity anticipated shows of the young generation", — noted in the press service of TCS Bank.

In 2015, the entire banking market actively discussed browser-based game, Rocketbank, which was dedicated to regular exchanges with representatives of lending organizations with businessman Oleg Tinkov. The game was based on the various Hobbies of the banker Oleg Tinkoff is riding a Bicycle, collects the dumplings, beer, the "rolls Royce" and saves a million dollars for the purchase of "rocket".

by the Way, in this game you can play here.


coming up with a contest for customers or using game mechanics to motivate employees, you must strike a balance between challenging and interesting. "It is important that people understand how to participate in the competition and what to do to win, — said Vasily master. — Of course, you always want to do something unusual. But, on the other hand, the more complex the mechanics, the less parties you get to the end. And if it's too easy, the game will be not interesting".

Complicate the task gradually, promise new skills as you progress through the quests — and you will get the maximum returns. So, in the first major competition Rocketbank "Pass the IPhone" was attended by 50 thousand

people, a third of whom were clients of Rocketbank. "Pass the IPhone" has given us tens of thousands of posts with the hashtag #talonite and the competition photos in social networks and, most importantly, 13 thousand new customers, — says master. — And "Historiae" held in the summer and autumn of this year, there were already more than 150 thousand members."

"Achivka" the driver

In November last year, Uber decided that the rating of five stars is not enough for the passenger expressed his admiration, which he experienced while traveling in a taxi. That is why the company decided to introduce an additional degree of evaluation of the trip in the form of "compliments".

the award immediately POPs up on the apps screen of the driver. This allows him to understand what has pleased the client — a thorough knowledge of city streets, the ability to hold a conversation, clean car or a great music during the trip. By the way, some services allow the driver in response put the points to the customer.

In some cases, the customer may earn the status for the number of trips. So, in the Gett Taxi app provides badges for reaching a certain number of points. Today you can be a "Lord", tomorrow — "Caesar." And the last of the possible program statuses — "the lion King".

Gamification aims to inspire the user: the person will aspire to new achievements. It is important that the way was clear. For example, the user simply gets a new status in the app, and sees a movement toward him, he realizes that he has to do. All this should be accompanied by beautiful graphics.

the Main — part?

whether you Use game mechanics to attract customers or to motivate employees, don't forget that many are driven by the desire to obtain the reward. The ideal is to offer guaranteed prizes. If this is not possible, focus on the prize, which is your audience most wants — whether it's a trip around the world or iPhone X. In this case, the reward in contests doesn't have to be something tangible: the result of the passage who want to share in social networks, or the ability to show off in the hall of fame continues to motivate.

the expresses its gratitude to the Director of marketing Rocketbank Basil Khozyainova for the help in material preparation.


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