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In Africa the lake for night 1 killed 746 people

NEWS PLANET 26.11.2017 at 11:59

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Sometimes the most ruthless killers become a natural disaster. And even the lake can take away many lives.

the Cameroonian lake news – crater lake. It was created by volcanic activity. Under water which contains large amounts of carbon dioxide.

this is not Usually cause any problems, since the flow of water eliminates the poisonous pellets before they explode in a Huff. For centuries, gas has accumulated, waiting in the wings.

on 21 August 1986, lake news for some reason yet to explode. Tons of water with great force pushed it upward, however, the surface broke huge amounts of carbon dioxide with a speed of 60 mph. After the gas stream in the air dissipated, it became known about the death of 1 746 people. Scary thought – in the near from lake village, inhabited by 800 people, miraculously survived only 6.

After the tragedy, people began to fear that "wave of death" could happen again. In 2001, French scientists have found a solution to this problem. On the bottom of the lake had a special tube which is withdrawn continuously arriving gas flow. In addition, set the alarm system, which in case of danger warn the nearby settlements about the impending disaster, for people to be able to escape, temporarily moving to a safe distance (15 miles).