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Scientists have confirmed that time travel is real

NEWS PLANET 26.11.2017 at 18:02

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Physicist Brian Greene notes that time travel is possible. There are two different types of time travel: the past and future. In the second case, the schema of the process are already known.

, Einstein wrote: if the space to fly at relativistic speeds, and then again to return to earth, you will find yourself in the future. Exactly this effect can be obtained if to approach to a safe distance to a source of strong gravity, as example, you can take a black hole.

With a journey back more difficult. The theory of this move revolves around wormholes. According to some assumptions, there is a bridge or a tunnel that leads to the past. Einstein said that, if you manipulate the aisles (to become closer to the black hole or move at excessively high speeds), the holes will vary.

this implies the following: by taking one tunnel, you find yourself in the past, but in another way- in the future. This point is now being actively discussed by scientists.