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Over Canada exploded a huge burning object

NEWS PLANET 26.11.2017 at 18:58

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When the earth sought the rocket, whose mission was to deliver food and necessities to the ISS, the first stage is disconnected from the housing. Nucleuses to extreme temperatures, the object exploded, thereby scaring residents of Saskatchewan and Alberta.

"si-bi-si" reports that the first people saw an unusually bright light strip, and then the explosion that gave rise to a powerful wave of noise. At first many thought that fell to the ground, a plane or a meteorite on YouTube even has a video of the incident.

experts Later said that he had fallen, most likely, an element of the body of the rocket Antares, which was launched into space apparatus "Swan" for the delivery of food to the ISS.

Scientists have calculated that she would fall at 23:09. Comparing the time, the experts found that all observed the explosion of an element of the missile.