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Innovations in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in Israel

To date, cardiac diseases occupy a leading position in the world not only in the number of people that they suffer, but the number of deaths. If a few decades ago, heart trouble was, as a rule, people of retirement and pre-retirement age, now is an increasing amount of cases where such diseases happen in 30-40 years and even earlier. This is due to the conditions of modern life. Constant stress, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, poor environment – all these factors lead to the fact that the number of registered diseases of the vascular system increases, and the average age of patients is decreasing. Therefore, scientists from all over the world are hard at work on the invention and implementation of new surgical techniques, preparative and treatments in cardiology.

the Real breakthrough in this question was the emergence of regenerative medicine. This trend has affected not only cardiology, but also the rest of the industry. Regenerative medicine is a complex of methods aimed at restoring the functions of internal organs by restoring tissue and blood vessels.

This new direction is called "therapeutic angiogenesis". This method is used for the treatment of coronary heart disease and heart failure, although until recently such illnesses were considered incurable.

Therapeutic angiogenesis can be done in different ways. This can be the introduction of a special vaccine with a mixture of proteins and other substances which are stimulants of growth. Also used cell therapy, the introduction of gene constructs. But most often to solve such problems, apply techniques, which enable a physical effect on the heart and its vessels.

these are Shockwave therapy and synchronized counterpulsation. The first and the second method is based on the use of special devices.

Option Shockwave therapy are widely demanded in the treatment of ischemic heart disease. This disease occurs due to reduced blood supply to the cardiac muscle layer (myocardium) of arterial blood. Using ultrasound it is possible to find the problematic place, where reduced blood supply due to blockage of blood vessels. Then the land affected by the shock wave generated by a special apparatus. It creates in the heart muscle tension that stimulates the emergence of new vessels.

the Method of synchronized counter pulsation based on increased circulation of the entire body. The patient must put on special cuffs, which in turn compress certain parts of the body, and then simultaneously weaken its effect. Such a cuff is worn on the lower leg, thighs, buttocks and arms. The choice of intensity of pressure and time of compression occurs individually in each case of treatment. The course of treatment involves the passage of 35 sessions, which was carried out for 7 weeks.

If the hardware techniques do not help, then it is necessary to resort to surgical intervention. The latest developments in the field of cardiac surgery to restore circulation to the heart muscle. Previously, this used a method of coronary artery bypass grafting. This operation involves the creation of an additional source of blood supply by sewing the healthy vessel, bypassing the affected area. A healthy vessel taken from another place in the body where its absence will not affect the operation of organs and systems.

To replace coronary artery bypass surgery came more sparing methods of surgical interventions: coronary sanirovanie, balloon angioplasty.

Coronary sanirovanie allows you to increase the blood flow by implanting in a coronary vessel stent – a special frame, which is a metal tube with a wire mesh. With the help of the stent the vessel is expanding and receiving more blood.

Balloon angioplasty is very similar to coronary sanirovanie. Only in this case the vessel is placed a special balloon catheter that is inflated at the area of narrowing of the vessel and opens it.

the Latest method of treatment of cardiac diseases at the cellular level – the introduction into the organism of stem cells. They have one interesting feature – they can become cells of any organ or tissue of the body, replacing the affected. The only problem is they are not easy to get. Because they are taken from their own umbilical cord blood of a patient, if in time not to collect it, to find very difficult.

As you can see, medicine does not stand still, and questions cardiology find more effective solutions to cope with such dangerous diseases.