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Layering outerwear 13.10.2017 at 14:04

Why all fashionistas, stylists, fashion-bloggers and lovers of beautiful, stylish dress with special anticipation and trepidation waiting for the start of the autumn-winter season? The secret is simple and obvious! We wear coats and can put on a lot more things than in summer.

This allows to expand the space for imagination and the full extent of the use of layering. And because layering is one of the main ways to build eye-catching, spectacular, interesting, stylish sets that I want to look at again and again.

Examples of layering in clothing: shirt, sweatshirt, coat, shirt, pullover, vest; t-shirt, shirt, jacket

Arsenal of outerwear that can be worn in the autumn and winter season, really huge: coats, jackets, trench coats and raincoats, jackets and bombers, parkas, jackets, coats, leather and denim jackets, capes and fur coats from natural sable to bright faux furs... All this combined with the knit from fine to chunky knit, tops, shirts, switchtime, dresses, jeans and skirts, accessories, stylish hats allows you to create an unrealistic number of interesting sets.

Interesting kits with unbuttoned outerwear

Correct layering – visible to the other layers of clothing

of Course, a chic, layered effect is achieved when the top unbuttoned and wear thinner layers of clothing in the set look with each other. For example, on average the above photo – unbuttoned blue coat, knitwear and visible from under his shirt.

Often outerwear in the kits thrown on top, for example, a coat or jacket thrown over the shoulders. Of course, in such cases, outerwear is not for warmth, but helps to create a showy, flashy way. This "trick" and layering in General, often use fashion bloggers, because in the photo, and in life, these sets look very cool.

Pantsuit in a cage and thrown over the shoulders of a coat on Micah Gianneli

One of the most actual directions in which it moves and will move the fashion industry, is a multi-layered outerwear. This is the options when layering is created through the use of several types of clothing in one set, for example, wearing under a coat jacket.

Below we will discuss 16 ways to create a stylish layered look with outerwear.

the down Jacket under the coat

it combines at once all the trending combination of elegant with a sporty, comfort, style and sharpness. Looks unusual, effectively, it is very comfortable, creates additional heat. You can do a combination of coat and jacket in one color, will look nice on the contrast of colors, and a contrast of textures. It's a way to wear a favorite coat, even in winter.

the down Jacket underneath the jacket

down Jacket under the coat

Interesting, unusual and will look down jacket combined with coat. It can be thin down jacket tasty colors, taken in contrast to the traditional coat colors, or monochromatic Puhovichi worn under a coat of colored fur as in the photo.

the down Jacket worn under a coat of colored fur

down Jacket worn under a coat of colored fur and mesh

the down Jacket under my coat

you Can wear down jacket not only under a coat or a fur coat, but also to wear under a jacket. It could be the bomber, and Park, and the combination of thin down jacket with more voluminous. The main thing these sets to the outer layer was slightly oversized, otherwise the stiffness of movements can not be avoided.

the down Jacket worn under the jacket is and jacket; bomber and jacket

Coat and jacket

If a thin down jacket comfortable to wear under another garment, then with volume down, you can create stylish outfits, throwing it on the shoulders.

for Example, it can be draped over the shoulders bulk men's jacket completes the look with a sweater, jacket and jeans. You can also use this technique, wrapped in a more elegant theme, for example, to throw a jacket over an elegant pant suit or sheath dress with jacket. This will create an elegant contrast with the sport.

the down-filled bomber Jacket worn on top of an elegant jacket and shirt

I will when very thin coat (in this case a down-hooded vest) worn under the elegant velvet jacket.

Slim down hooded vest worn under velvet jacket

Fur vest jacket

Another way stylishly warm during cold weather is to wear a down jacket over the fur vest. Warm and looks very cool, despite the fact that it creates such an image is very simple.

down Jacket with fur vest on Olivia Palermo

Fur vest on leather jacket

the More familiar version, which can often be found on the street in the fall and early winter leather jacket combined with a fur vest. Also a simple stylish way to insulate and extend the wearing period leather jackets.

Leather jacket with fur vest on top of Olivia Palermo

However, if you select a fur vest, you need to remember that the lower the growth, the shorter must be the fur, otherwise you run the risk of becoming visually in a fur ball on legs. Voluminous, lush fur can only afford tall and very slim girls.

the Leather jacket and put on top a fur vest

Fur vest under the coat

Wear a fur vest not only top coat and jackets, but under them. To do this, choose jackets that have a fur front and the back is smooth (mostly just the skin). Then a vest is good to sit under a coat, will not create an ugly amount back. Coat, of course, fasten don't need. Looks very cool, unusual and there is no risk of catching a chill light.

Fur vest worn under an unbuttoned coat, trench

Fur vest jacket

Another option is to create a spectacular layered look with a fur vest to wear on top of jacket. The jacket is also advisable not to zip up. Of course, this option, as pictured, fit only for early autumn.

Vest with fur wearing unbuttoned jacket

Option of combining the fur vest with the jacket in the photo below it is possible to wear to late autumn, but if you travel mainly by car, and before winter.

Fur vest and a tweed jacket on Olivia Palermo

the Fur vest and denim jacket

Denim jacket can also make a decent pair of vest made of fur, and you can wear the vest as in the usual way, on top of the jacket and wearing it under. In the second case, the harmony of shapes is a must.

an Example of layering with a denim jacket and a fur vest worn under it.

Coat and jacket

obviously, it is impossible to imagine autumn without her beloved coat, and so I want to wear it as long as possible... to Extend this period, you can use the same layering outerwear. We have already considered the option of wearing under a coat jacket, but he's not the only one. Looks nice layering in the combination of coat+cardigan.

Pantsuit in a cage and thrown over the shoulders of a coat on Micah Gianneli

This can be a jacket, as part of a set with the Trouser suit, it can be worn with jeans, top and coat with the dress and coat, with a shirt, knitwear and coats. The higher your height and slimmer figure, the more layers of clothing, parts you can afford.

in addition to jacket, you can combine the coat and the bomber jacket! Bomber great "lies" under sweatshirts and other outerwear, since it has no hard shoulder. Combined with an elegant coat you can easily create sharp, topical mixture of sport and elegance.

an Example of layering: the elegant jacket and coats

the Jacket may be in the range of one to coat, and taken in contrast, it can be neutral in color and can be bright or print.

an Example of layering: the jacket and coats

Coat and a leather jacket

One of the most effective options for building a layered look with a coat is the combination of the coat with biker jacket. Looks very stylish, fresh, relevant. Neither coat nor jacket it does not fasten.

Red jacket and thrown over the shoulders of the gray coat

a Leather jacket worn under a coat

a Leather jacket worn under a coat

Coat and denim jacket

looks Impressive blend coat with a denim jacket. The coat can be elegant, classic, and the oversized pea coat or fur. At the bottom you can wind several layers of clothing, if the figure allows, for example, a shirt and knit, sweater knit.

And you can make a more accurate version of the layered look, adds volume less upper body – to replace the denim jacket on denim shirt, down to wear a tank top or t-shirt and complement the decoration.

the Denim jacket worn under a coat

the Denim jacket worn under a coat

examples of the layered outerwear: denim jacket and coat; denim jacket and trench coat, denim jacket and fur coat

the Leather jacket and the vest

Such vests are woven so tightly into the female wardrobe, it is difficult to imagine the days when they were inactive. It's a universal thing, combinatorics which is difficult to overestimate. So it also wants to wear as long as possible, so Viva layering!

Wear a vest top and leather jacket set with jeans or a dress, skirt and top, knitwear, complete with stylish shoes and handbags and sharp, catchy, bold ready.

the Leather jacket and vest top

Cardigans and coats

the Autumn-winter season is a time when crazy want comfort, warmth, comfort, want to wrap yourself in a soft, pleasant, warm clothes. And that can cope better with this task than knitwear? In this case we will focus on the cardigan.

the combination of the cardigan with the coat looks very good, binding can be from fine to coarse, depending on what suits you. The cardigan can be short, maybe long, maybe one level coat. Unbuttoned the cardigan can be supplemented with a belt.

examples of the layered outerwear: cardigan chunky knit and coat; cardigan chunky knit and vest coat short cardigan fine-knit

Cardigan and a leather jacket

Unusual and will look to the combination of an elongated cardigan with a biker jacket like in the first photo. And will look nice cardigan over a chunky knit combined with leather jacket longer, as in the second photo.

examples of the layered look with the cardigan: a long cardigan and jacket; leather coat and cardigan

the"Siskin": ponchos, kimonos, capes

will Not leave without attention other options to create the layering in the autumn / winter sets, for example, the use of different "nacodoches", namely ponchos, fashion kimonos, capes.

This is not only a very easy way to create layering, but also great option to save the situation, when a coat does not fit you in color. You just separate the coat from the face of the thing of his complexion, and a very large area.

Examples of layering in clothing colorful poncho,

Examples of layering in clothing: white shirt, jacket, Cape; white sweater, poncho

As you can see, the field for experiments in the autumn-winter season is infinite. Therefore, broader look at outerwear, in fact, with our climate we wear coats most of the year! So interesting sets of clothes should be plenty, and they should be different.

Autumn is not a time of melancholy and depression, is an opportunity for creativity, self-knowledge and fulfillment, reboot values, the opportunity for experimentation. So start to use this feature with their appearance.

A more detail analysis of your top wear: what is, how to augment, what to replace, what to buy, we're going to have on the image of the practice "outerwear under the supervision of a stylist".

the New thread image-practice in street clothes starts next week. You will be able to enroll with a discount up to 50%, and maximum bonuses.

To this schedule in the tentative list of:

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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