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What colors and color combinations are suitable for women of elegant age 23.11.2017 at 09:13

In the article, I give examples of images for women 50+ and understand the rules by which they look elegant and stylish.

White refreshes

the color Black highlights age-related changes on the face — wrinkles, age spots. And white, conversely, sets off, distracting attention from the changes in the skin.

a Stylish set with a white woman 50+

the kit described above, the black colour present in the shirt, shoes, purse and hat – ribbon at the crown. But the main color is white. It is located on the face, because refreshing.

the White color is not suitable for every complexion. Boil-and-white (blinding) only suitable for winter. The fly is better to take unbleached wool, dairy shades. Autumn and spring is also pure white is not necessary to take. It is better to add on a neck a scarf of the appropriate color or choose your shades of white: vanilla, creamy, champagne.

On a photo – woman "summer".

the White image with the scarf of a muted color for the color type "summer"

Both sets are composed on the same principle: light jeans, white shirt, colorful cardigan, a scarf of a muted color, jewelry, colored shoes.

on the Left – a bold combination of white with a light mustard cardigan and shoes color kerosene-petrol.

on the Right is the image with the cardigan the color of coffee with milk and top, white jeans and wedge sandals, with a scarf and a bracelet. Also very fresh with white look shades of beige. It is set in a sporty style. A great option for exploring the city, meeting friends and grandchildren.

On a photo the slender model, but such a good option and women: the main thing is to choose the right jacket length: top hip bone or below the widest point of the hip.

do Not have to choose boil-and-white, there are many variants of white: bleached wool, milk, creamy hue.

In another embodiment, a combination of jeans the color of unbleached wool and pearl-gray coat and vest.

the Shade of unbleached wool and pearl grey

the photo On the left is the vest. This option is suitable and complete. The main thing – not to take the vest with a collar (will be paying top). Choose the most simple cut, without large collars, jagged edges on the bottom (this is the fat thighs).

the second photo is of a pearl-gray trench coat. This color is neutral, but not boring. Has a bluish undertone, this seems lighter, refreshing face as clean all light shades.

Bright colors

don't be afraid of bright colors and combinations.

Take the triangle rule and the rule is the opposite of harmony and match the colors of his palette for him. It's the rules that make the bright, contrasting combinations.

not to look ridiculous – take one color as the background, the other as the accent of the same color a lot, the second not enough.

Look at the photo example of the combination of red and blue. This option refreshes the result is a very dynamic, athletic.

there is No attempt to look younger, all tastefully and harmoniously.

the Combination of red and blue according to the type of the triangle

the Yellow color is not only youth of color.

the Use of yellow and cage in a suit

In the photo above is a great choice to use yellow for women aged. Elegant plaid suit, consisting of dress, jacket and belt. In this yellow combined with white and bluish-grayish tinge. The kit is completed with dark red shoes on a small heel.

the Woman in this photo doesn't look molodyascheysya; it looks very fresh and elegant and this is largely achieved through color. In a suit in black or grey it would look boring, characterless, uninteresting, but fresh color and cage make it bright.


it's great to use scarves accent shades of your color type. They perfectly refresh and make the image memorable.

Accent colors is the bright hue, is in the middle of the radius of the color circle

In the brightness limitation. One rule – if an accessory person, it is only the colors of your color type.

hats and caps important to choose a brighter color (your shade), or you can use the light without any admixture of grey.

scarves – also exclusively their shades.

Look at the photo. If the woman wore a simple grey suit, the way would be plain and had aged her. Gray, in particular, dirty-grey, emphasizes all the nuances of age, skin looks like a pale mole. It washes away all the brightness from the skin.

But the scarf and hat jog kit.

Bright accessories refresh faded grey suit

If you have in the wardrobe a lot of dark things, try to dilute bright accessories. The woman in the photo below did, and looks good, stylish and impressive.

Bright accessories it is possible to dilute the gloomy image

Pastel colors

These tones refreshes, lightens age-related changes, they become less noticeable. The main thing is to choose clean bright colors, without any admixture of grey.

the way of pastel colours it is important to put bright accent

the Above is a great example of a set of pastel colors with a bright accent. White shift dress, light blue coat, string of pearls, bright shoes and a bright orange bag with a coloured scarf.

To not look washed out in pastel colours, you need to set bright accents in the form of accessories: bag, shoes, scarf, handkerchief bag, jewelry.


don't take "girly" flowers, like roses and peonies. Choose more modern: with uneven edges, watercolor options, botany.

In other prints there are no limits: you and polka dots, and plaid. It is important to see how the fabric and cut. Cotton dress with polka dots and the A-line or straight skirt, silk shirt in pea – very even.

the Main thing – to make delicious mixture of prints, styles, textures.

the Combination of different prints looks interesting and modern

In this picture we see an example: a set of pants, top and jacket with a print of the crow's foot.

If the woman was dressed in houndstooth, consisting of the classic skirt and jacket, would make a boring image. And then the jacket goes well with cropped pants and a crop top with a vibrant print.

Sports images

the Item of sports clothing reduces the age.

the General rule is to play on the contrast of styles. That is to add a sport to another style. Elegant plus sport, sport plus feminine. For example, elegant pants add bomber.

Please note jeans, shoes with rough soles, jackets with detailing. The more clothing detail there is, the simpler the fabric, the more clothing gets in the sport: for example, jacket with epaulettes, military-style.

Sets in sporty style with the addition of interesting details

on Top left of the photo the set consists of jeans with a sweater with stripes on the bag is tied a colored scarf. This small detail will change the perception of the image.

the photo On the right up kit purple pants combined with a white blouse and sneakers.

Consider another example

the Same sets in sporty style in comparison: left a woman 25-30 years, right on a woman of 50+

left on 25-30-year-old woman we see the following set: ripped jeans, vest, colorful jacket. The photo on the right is a variation on the same theme, tailored to age 50: ripped jeans replaced the classic dark blue instead of sandals high-heeled pumps used in the vest are reversed the main color and stripes.

youth sets there's always something to replace, to get a more suitable option.

Below is a variant with sporty style. Kit consists of: jeans, denim shirt, jacket, scarf, belt. The result is a very fresh, calm but not boring.

a Relaxed sporty look

The way we look at the age of 50, largely depends on us. In each age, you can look decent and elegant. Because a woman is a concept beyond time.

But if you want "color" results in their wardrobe in a month — sign up as a new thread Big Training in Color.

Record with the discount only until the end of Friday.

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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