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Crimea — the capital of the "World" themes of the day 26.11.2017 at 21:00

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Share card "the World" in the number and volume of card transactions in Crimea, is increasing. Now, through the national plastics is done by virtually every other operation in the outlets on the Peninsula (including the payment of goods and services by visitors). These are the findings of the study MCB, commissioned by the

passed POS, POS accepted

Since December 2015 the share of transactions conducted using the card "the World" in the Crimean POS terminals increased from less than 1% to 42.80% by number and 32% by volume of transactions (in total for three months). In General, the number of card transactions in retail outlets served by MCB, at the same time, "jumped" on the Peninsula more than 12 times — with 614,3 thousand to 7.6 million. The volume of transactions conducted through POS terminals increased from 887 million to 8.4 billion. Such data are contained in the MCB study, made specially for the

Russian national Commercial Bank (MCB), the largest acquirer in the Crimean Peninsula and in Sevastopol. The Bank provides customers with the only card "the World", but caters to all types of cards, which pay off on the Peninsula as its inhabitants and tourists alike. MCB appeared in the Crimea in late March 2014 and has become a backbone Russian Bank on the Peninsula. Earlier in the same month in relation to several domestic companies and banks was introduced for the first foreign sanctions after the official reunification of the Crimea with Russia. The card "the World" RNCB began to issue one of the first local banks in December 2015. Mass issue of the card "the World" was launched in MCB in the spring of 2016.

Statistics on the number of card transactions in POS-terminals in the Crimean Peninsula

Winter-2016 (Dec 2015-Feb-2016)

Summer 2016 (June — August)

Winter-2017 (December 2016 — February 2017)

Summer 2017 (June — August)

Total number of transactions, PCs.

614 279 2 671 562 2 920 067 7 603 895

Including the share of card transactions "World"

0,002% 6,55% 53,38% 42,80%

Statistics on the volume of card transactions in POS-terminals in the Crimean Peninsula

Winter 2016 (December 2015 — February 2016) Summer 2016 (June — August) Winter 2017 (December 2016 — February 2017) Summer 2017 (June — August)

the Total amount of the transaction, RUB

887 043 089 4 038 823 953 3 499 044 702 8 388 967 562

including the share of card transactions "World"

0,001% 4,34% 43,80% 32,00%

Average card check in the Crimea unprincipled dropped in the last couple of years. If in December 2015 — February 2016 the average check amount on the cards "the World" was 1.1 thousand rubles, by the summer of 2017 it dropped to 824 roubles. Other cards, obslujivaem MCB as acquirer, the average check decreased from 1.3 thousand to 1.1 thousand.

"the Decline of the cheque is connected with the development of the acquiring network of the Bank, — tells the Vice-President, Director of retail business RNCB Nikolai Bilan. — We install payment terminals in major supermarkets, but also in grocery convenience stores and other small retail outlets. Crimeans more pay cards not only large and expensive, but also ordinary everyday purchases with a small cost. We are pleased to note that the payment culture of the population is growing significantly".

the Average check at the POS terminals of the Crimean Peninsula, RUB

Average check

Winter 2016 (December 2015 — February 2016) Summer 2016 (June — August) Winter 2017 (December 2016 — February 2017) Summer 2017 (June — August)


1 083 1 013 982 825


1 319 1 509 1 092 1 102

Increased the share of transactions with the cards "the World" and ATMs of the Crimean Peninsula. Even last year, two winter months, the share of such transactions does not exceed 0,001—0,003%. However, this summer the share of "World" in the number of committed ATM transactions reached 74%, and the volume is 60%.

In General, since the beginning of last year until this summer the total number of ATM card transactions at ATMs of MCB increased from 3.9 million to 9.9 million, and their volume has increased from 37.9 billion to 64.3 billion.

Statistics on the number of card transactions at ATMs on the Crimean Peninsula

Winter 2016 (Jan —Feb) Summer 2016 (June — August) Winter 2017 (January — February) Summer 2017 (June — August)

Total number of transactions, PCs.

3 879 812 8 324 489 8 253 864 9 930 491

including the share of card transactions "World"

0,003% 12% 68% 74%

Statistics on the volume of card transactions at ATMs on the Crimean Peninsula

Winter 2016 (Jan —Feb) Summer 2016 (June — August) Winter 2017 (January — February) Summer 2017 (June — August)

the Total amount of the transaction, RUB

37 930 219 450 55 633 057 710 48 060 263 250 64 314 367 960

including the share of card transactions "World"

0,001% 9% 55% 60%

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Russia out of the Crimea

According to the surveyed market participants, across Russia the situation with the "World" is even more positive.

In the Bank "Center-invest" indicate that the customers of credit institutions actively used the card "the World" for purchases and the volume of such transactions grows. For the III quarter of 2017, the holders of "the World" "the Center-invest" has made more than 209 thousand transactions in retail outlets and the Internet, which is 13 times more in comparison with I quarter of this year. The average "global" check is also increasing: in the second quarter of 2017, it amounted to 804 of the ruble, which is one third more than in I quarter.

the Average amount of transaction by the card "the World", issued by the Bank "URALSIB" is about 600 rubles and has not changed since mid-2016, when the Bank began issuing cards of this payment system. Stable value of this indicator for the Bank due to the fact that for the regions in which the Bank payment system "the World" only comes into the market, competing with international payment systems.

"URALSIB" expect that the volume of the "world" of operations and the amount of the check will change significantly in the middle of next year when all budget payments will be transferred on the cards of the national payment system.

the Average transaction size on the map "the World" the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UBRD) is about 500 rubles. UBRD began issuing cards in March 2017, and the first transactions were made in April. If we compare the figures of October 2017 to April of the same year, shows that the average transaction size decreased by 37%.

"Card "the World" is issued primarily to customers, employees of state-owned enterprises. As a rule, most of these organizations works in the field of education. In summer, the staff of such institutions traditionally go on vacation, and, consequently, the volume of funds on the card account, reduced. This, in turn, leads to a reduction of the amount of transaction. Most likely, by the end of the year will increase", — predicts the head of sales of banking services UBRD Sergei Zinoviev.

According to him, the growth of cashless payments by cards "the World" depends on the development of the infrastructure of the payment system, as well as directly from the active participation of retailers, ready to form interesting offers for cardholders.

the Average bill if you pay with "World" of the Bank is 1.5 thousand rubles. Since the beginning of last year growth of this indicator amounted to 30%.

"the Change was due to the growing popularity of cards "the World", a multiple increase in the number of cardholders of the national payment system, the active development of infrastructure. If the first stage of the operation these maps were mostly associated with the withdrawals, now people increasingly pay card "the World" for goods and services, — says head of product development Department of the Bank Alexey Korzin. — I assume within the next one or two years there will be a significant increase in the share of non-cash transactions made with the card "the World". One of the reasons is the launch of cashback service of the SS "Mir", as well as further infrastructure development. In addition, the development of non-financial services based on a card "the World" will contribute to that."


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