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Indian farmers stunned: they find their animals without bodies, and their bodies do not decompose

NEWS PLANET 30.11.2017 at 11:56

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Recent Indian farmers are sounding the alarm: with a certain periodicity, they find the corpses of animals (goats, sheep, horses, etc.) lacking some organs, and the body itself for unknown reasons, does not decompose. Also surprising is the fact that the incision of the flesh is done with surgical precision.

this time the victims were five sheep killed in nearby villages during the week. The animals were absent from the liver, and near of the corpses themselves, the farmers found a strange substance, which examination failed to identify.

most Often, animals are killed in Nyali. In the summer of 2017, it killed about 250 sheep. During the investigation it is well established that dogs or wolves have nothing to do with the murders.

in Order to catch nevidannogo of the beast, the farmers put a special cage, but to no avail. After the attacks, say the owners of the plots, the animals go strange, it's probably because of the strong fear.