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Snickers is a win – win combination and the most vivid images 28.11.2017 at 17:11

C what to wear with sneakers?

a long time Ago sneakers were created exclusively for a convenient and productive sports activities, but this Shoe is so loved to the fashion, being the sneakers (transcription of the English "sneakers") moved to the streets of the city, as quite a casual item and no show or fashion week already can not do without this kind of shoes.

the Answer to the question "what to wear?" is quite simple and obvious – Yes, with almost everything, feel free to mix them with your favorite clothes and plenty magnitite. However, it should be noted that there is a very win-win and harmonious combination, which we describe below.

— The old, simple, but no less stylish option, the combination with the sneakers is the jeans, t-shirt or shirt in a boxy cut. Sneakers can be as muted and peaceful shades, and act as a bright accent in the image.

— more Snickers mixed with simple Trouser suits, donning underneath a shirt or a simple shirt in men's style. In this set she looks fragile and exquisite at the same time, concise and easy.

— For hot weather would be appropriate, the Union of sneakers and denim short shorts or mini skirt, the top is better to choose a calm and no frills to balance the openness of the image.

— Very stylish and relaxed look of sneakers with dresses and skirts. The only rule in this combination – no evening dresses, and all the other mixes are acceptable. Especially look beautiful sneakers in tandem with short dresses, A-line, knit dresses on the figure and with long flying models in floral print.

— looks Great, the combination of a vest or t-shirt with denim or linen overalls, whether it be shorts or trousers.

— of Course, the sneakers appropriate in conjunction with sports pants, but you didn't look like coming back from training, this way is better to complement a t-shirt with some print and a leather jacket which will remove unwanted sportiness.

-- the accessories in the kits using the sneakers should be concise, affordable sports elements in the form of a silicone strap or bracelet on the watch. Undesirable massive jewelry with lots of stones and lots of glitter. Handbags can be absolutely any models, sizes and colors, but again it doesn't have to be an evening clutch in sequin.

the White blouse and the skirt in a linen-style black bag with black sneakers.

the basic white t-shirt, grey trousers and white sneakers.

Denim oversized shirt, black skinny jeans and white sneakers.

Total black image and a red hat with red and black sneakers as accents.

a White long sleeve shirt, classic pants, a black satchel and black sneakers with white laces.

Grey sweatshirt, ripped jeans and leopard print sneakers.

White t-shirt and denim overalls with white sneakers.

Beige trench coat, sweater, and pant suits baby sneakers.

Black turtleneck, purple pants suit and white sneakers with black stripes.

Black tank top, mini skirt, rucksack and silver sneakers with bright neon accents.

Black turtleneck, blue jeans with a high waist and white sneakers.

Blue dress shirt, nadowa bag and belt complete with white sneakers with Velcro.

Denim shirt, jeans on the waist and black sneakers with white stripes.

White jacket, t-shirt and jeans with silver sneakers.

Wine velvet Trouser suit, a black bag and white sneakers with red details.

Dark blue pantsuit, beige sweater and white sneakers.

Dairy wide-brimmed hat, grey jumper, beige pants and a bag with white sneakers.

Grey jumper, denim jacket, a dark pleated skirt and gray sneakers.

Grey oversize sweater, a bright orange mini skirt and gray sneakers with orange elements. Sneakers wedge

special attention should be given sneakers wedge. These sneakers is particularly well suited to the little girls, in order to increase growth and to visually pull silhouette.

is to Combine sneakers wedge can with mini skirts and dresses, shorts and short rompers, thereby opening slender legs.

— they look harmoniously in everyday casual sets with jeans-banana, mom-jeans, skinny or model in the style of boyfriend. But the combination with jeans-bottoms are best avoided, as these things are slightly different stylistic categories.

is also worth considering that the light wedge sneakers create the illusion of high growth on bare feet, and the model of dark colors — in combination with jeans or pants to match them.

do not forget that these shoes are not desirable girls with little growth, but the large size of the feet, as in this case, the sneakers will look too bulky.

In other respects, the rules and options of combinations are the same as with regular running shoes.

the White dress and mini white gray sneakers wedge.

Black leather mini skirt, black t-shirt with print and red sneakers wedges.

a White, sleeveless blouse, short denim shorts and beige sneakers with wedge heel black Velcro.

the Way total black with a pink hat and pink and grey sneakers wedge.

Grey t-shirt, olive skinny jeans and black sneaker wedges.

Black short dress, blue biker jacket and black sneaker wedges.

Striped loose-fitting tee, mini skirt, massive black bag and red sneakers wedges.

a White oversized shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers with a wedge heel.

a Bright cardigan, green skinny jeans and colorful sneakers wedge.

Black bomber jacket, sweatshirt, skinny jeans and grey sneakers wedge.

the Black blouse, asymmetric white pencil skirt, white sneakers with wedge heel beige roomy bag.

White sweater, ripped denim shorts and blue sneakers wedge.

Beige sweater boxy, baggy black leather pants and beige sneakers with a wedge heel.

a Peach blouse, milky jacket, light blue jeans and beige sneakers wedge.

Black t-shirt, pants with a floral print and black sneakers with a wedge heel.

Laconic grey t-shirt, a black quilted mini skirt, black wedge sneakers and the red bag. White sneakers

one of the most versatile sneakers? Then you must pay attention on models of white flowers. White sneakers is beige pumps in the world of street fashion. They always will save you in a situation of "nothing to wear", and certainly not let you down when you have to walk a lot, in contrast to those notorious boats.

White sneakers combine with almost everything, and if black running shoes with pants or a suit in light colours will look inharmonious, and sometimes even comical, that white, in turn, with the dark clothes will look appropriate, stylish and beautiful.

White sneakers can fully dissolve in the way, not attracting too much attention and help to achieve maximum harmony in the kit. However, they can become a stylish accent in the images, the base of which is a dark color. Indeed, the white sneakers is a versatile and, most importantly, comfortable shoes in the fashion world.

Grey jumper, black trousers, brown shopper bag and white sneakers.

Blue mini skirt, long sleeve sweatshirt with geometric print, blue hat and white sneakers.

t-Shirt, silver MIDI skirt and white sneakers.

Light grey tracksuit, milk trench coat and white sneakers.

White t-shirt, blue mom-jeans, brown bag and white sneakers.

Maxi dress with garter print and white sneakers.

Black mini dress, black bag and white sneakers.

Grey oversize sweater, gray skinny jeans, black bag and white sneakers.

Pant suits in pajama-style white t-shirt and white sneakers.

Dairy sweatshirt, black bag, white jeans and white sneakers.

Denim jacket with fringe, ripped jeans and white sneakers.

Denim oversized shirt, black skinny jeans and white sneakers.

Grey t-shirt and knitted pencil skirt below the knee gray cross body and white sneakers.

Blue top coat, white pants and sneakers.

Black pantsuit, a white shirt and white sneakers. Sneakers with a dress

Now this combination is no surprise, although previously it was something from the category of fiction and of the man of the hour would call crazy town.

However, the fashion world does not stand still and all the more it start to appreciate comfort and convenience, because couture is only good on the catwalk Yes, in glossy magazines, and on real streets boils real life, where every day you need to be as mobile, but we want also to look stylish, that's when it comes to using a variety of flat shoes in particular, and our sneakers.

the Sneakers with a dress look at the same time gently and provocatively, girlish and somewhat relaxed.

a Particularly good combination of sneakers with a thin knitted dresses on the figure, with dresses, A-line, shirt dresses, Maxi models of flying fabrics, and with dresses in the form of long shirts and tunics complete with shirt, simple blouse or basic shirt.

the Only rule of this mix is to try to avoid too festive, elegant, with an abundance of glitter and overly embellished with decorative elements of dresses. As for the rest — let your fantasy has no boundaries!

Chalker, a white shirt, gray mini-dress, wine bag and white sneakers.

Printovannye dress with circle skirt and white sneakers.

jacket and black sneakers.

Dress A-line geometric print and white sneakers.

Maxi dress with floral print, black leather jackets, a shopper bag and white sneakers.

Dress with animal print, black bag and white sneakers.

Knitted sweater dress, wine bag and white sneakers.

Yellow dress with a print, patchwork bag, and yellow sneakers.

a Light long dress with geometric print and white sneakers.

Asymmetric dress with cage Vichy and white sneakers.

Total black image, consisting of coats, mini dresses and bags, diluted white sneakers.

the Black dress shirt, black sneakers and white socks of the brand Nike.

Purple velvet dress in peas and milk sneakers.

the Yellow dress below the knee, denim jacket oversized, white bag and white sneakers.

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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