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According to the prophecy one psychic 2018 will be difficult for humanity

NEWS PLANET 02.12.2017 at 10:29

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Although prophecy psychics don't always come true (many just scaring people with information about future events), still some data worth believing. For example, no one imagined that the prophecy of Craig Hamilton-Parker in 2016 relative to the new US President will come true.

Many believed that he will win Hillary Clinton as it is more strong and educated politician. Trump has shared with the media that didn't even expect the opposite effect.

A little later, in 2017, Craig published a prediction about leaving Hillary out of politics. Through time it happened.

Relative prophecies for the year 2018 is not so good. The psychic said that the entire world will experience a recession, will increase the number of different terrorist attacks and disasters. It's also possible that a warship of the United States will collapse in 2018, and the real President of the United States will deviate from impeachment.

However, not all bad: before the storm is always calm, and Vice versa. After a number of disappointing events, there will be quiet times. People will become more spiritual creation, ethical and smart.

Different challenges, according to Craig, will unite people. Together we will be able to fix it, open a new one the meaning of human life.