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Negative traits of each zodiac sign

NEWS PLANET 02.12.2017 at 11:00

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A person's Character is determined not only by education but also the sign of the zodiac. To deny this is silly. Below are the negative traits of people born in certain times of the year.

Aries: it demands the immediate fulfillment of their desires and orders without any questions. If I say jump, you only ask how high.

Taurus: on the way to their goal, these people are selfishness and stubbornness, like a mad bull, which sweeps away everything and everyone in their way.

Gemini: because these individuals have two faces, to fool people or manipulate them Twins easier.

Cancer: if you offend a cancer, he'll ruin your life, that being will be like hell; all the positive previously will turn into a living negative.

Leo: this sign can have a serious "bite" while leaving deep wounds if you experience betrayal or using it for selfish purposes.

Virgo: these people are just perfect, so in order to maintain a relationship with them, you must match their status. Virgo loves to criticize, as they are able to give up everything, if only this or that idea came to fruition.

Libra: kind of manipulators; they know how to get what one wants, and no matter does this hurt the surrounding.

Scorpio: this sign could literally destroy the offender without any remorse.

Sagittarius: considering himself a moral man, Sagittarius can cause a lot of pain and harm without even realizing it. Moreover, he in an emphasis does not see your mistakes.

Capricorn: these people would rather give up love for a career, but in the end, will be deeply troubled about the choice. Your excitement Capricorns are very few people reveal.

Aquarius: a very emotional nature, are "eating itself from within" invented problems and complexes. Sometimes it would not hurt to stop, but something strange prevents it. Also Aquarians really don't trust people.

Pisces: these individuals are often themselves driven into a dead end, because the good ideas they intersect with the temptations of darkness. Fish rushes in different directions, trying to find the truth.