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Mars Rover Curiosity captured an incredibly beautiful sunset

NEWS PLANET 02.12.2017 at 18:12

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On 20 November, NASA released an image taken by the Curiosity Rover. The photo shows a beautiful alien sunset, this landscape was recorded in the crater Gale.

mark Lemmon commented on a photo. He noted that normal for earthlings things on other planets look very different. On Mars, special atmosphere, and therefore the heavens are an unusual blue hue. The sun, in turn, also looks outside the box.

the objective of the camera that acquired the image, is to explore the Gale crater. This area has long interested scientists. According to some reports, earlier in the crater could be located of the lake. If confirmed, the view of Mars has changed. The presence of water might make life on the red planet.

Now, the Rover is collecting rock samples for further analysis.