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Barack Obama has information about aliens that he wants to publish

NEWS PLANET 03.12.2017 at 08:37

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Already can't count how many times Obama promises to let the world know by secret information about aliens. This time the politician promised to tell everything in detail on the Jimmy Kimmel show. According to Barack Obama, proof of the existence of humanoid, lying in his Desk, according to the portal

it Should be noted that not only Obama promises something, this trick is followed by many politicians before the election. Perhaps because they are trying to win the masses of the people. Even going to declassify information about Area 51, but once in the White house, the promise of why it was forgotten.

Some experts explain this behavior of the leaders that they have the appropriate security clearance. Politicians know as much as we do.

If Obama is really lying certain documents in the table, the open statement this broadcast is a crime. From this follows the theft of important papers from the White house, because nobody has the right to carry out any material.