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The most anticipated event in 2018

NEWS PLANET 05.12.2017 at 21:32

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1 — Kazakhstan to increase the retirement age for women. Will also be running the first unit of Leningrad NPP-2;

5 the Red planet will send a spacecraft with two people;

- 28th in Finland will elect a new President.


from 19 to 25, will be the 23rd Olympic Winter games in South Korea;

15 the number of inhabitants of South America, as well as the people in Antarctica will see a Solar Eclipse;

24th — according to some, Raul Castro leaves office.


from 9 to 18 number 12 Paralympic winter games in South Korea;

the number 11 in Russia will have presidential elections.


from 4 to 15 number will of the Australian Commonwealth Games to the gold coast;

in Russia is scheduled for April hockey among juniors which will pass in Chelyabinsk and Magnitogorsk;


with 4 to 20 — will take place the world championship on hockey in Denmark;

NASA will begin to study the core of Mars.


the number 14 — Russia will host 21 world Cup.


1 — the European Union will be the chairmanship of Bulgaria;

13 — Australia and Antarctica will see a partial solar Eclipse;

27 real number — the distance between Mars and Earth will be a record low;

30 number — experts start probe SolarProbePlus;

experts Also will try to take soil samples of an asteroid a "C" grade with the help of "Hayabusa-2".


11 number of Europeans and Asians will see a solar Eclipse.


from 11th to 23rd in Argentina will be the third Summer Olympic games among young men;

will stay in the Landtag of Bavaria.


Will launch a probe to study the surface of the Sun.


30 start women's European Championships in handball;

in the United States will elect new senators.