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Espadrilles: what combination of perfect shoes for summer adventures 06.12.2017 at 16:35

What is espadrilles and who invented them?

Espadrilles are a type of shoes, the main feature of which is a rope sole. These shoes are very light and weightless, and made of natural materials such as cotton, linen and knit of fine wool, they are always a comfortable climate.

Espadrilles can be called the perfect shoes for leisure travel, voyage and cruise, as well as mandatory must-haves of the summer, as for fashionistas and fashionistas from all over the world.

the Sources said that espadrilles first appeared in the early 13th century in Italy. Catalan peasants, for want of money, began to make the shoes out of the ropes and cords of small thickness, which in turn was made from grass. In honor of the varieties of this herb and was coined the name "espadrilles". The shoes flew off his feet and was comfortable to wear, it was tied with the same ropes to the ankles.

due to the low cost and easy performance, these shoes quickly gained popularity all over the world, and after a while it wore not only the poor, but nobles.

the Famous fashion designer Manolo Blahnik, without knowing, began his career as a Creator of shoes in childhood, when he helped his parents decorate their espadrilles in the production of various decorative elements in the form of stones, shells or pearls.

And later, in the 20th century, equally talented and famous Yves Saint Laurent released on the catwalk models, clad in espadrilles, thus the beginning of their incredible popularity, which is currently not otherwise, as at the peak.

the Wicker sole – a sign of espadrilles.

Manolo Blahnik childhood decorated with espadrilles.

Yves Saint Laurent espadrilles have introduced in high fashion.

Top espadrilles brands.

Striped blouse with sleeves-ruffles, white trousers, wide-brimmed hat and denim espadrilles with stripes.

a Black jumper, ripped jeans and black espadrilles Chanel.

the Blue blouse with bare shoulders, jeans with holes and brown espadrilles and bracelets. What to wear with women's espadrilles flat shoes?

In recent years, flat shoes have become quite popular, various sneakers, shoes, sneakers, espadrilles and more. However, that espadrilles will be indispensable helpers in the summer heat, because natural fabrics allow the skin to breathe, and even a new pair of shoes won't RUB the heel.

In fact, espadrilles are very versatile shoes, but will look in more detail what they can be combined.

— of Course, espadrilles can be safely mixed with all sorts of jeans, all styles and colors.

— espadrilles look Wonderful in sets from dresses, mini and Maxi, knit, fitted, cotton, A-line, dresses-shirts and dresses with thin spaghetti straps.

— the skirts of moving tissue in the floor or ultra-short leather mini and denim look great with espadrilles flat.

— Stylish and casual looks of tandem espadrilles and overalls, flavored with a loose-fitting tee or shirt.

— Very feminine and look beautiful espadrilles with blouses and dresses that expose the shoulders.

— Cool and fresh they look with shorts and vest. This combination is a perfect kit for boat trips.

Espadrilles are perfectly combined with striped clothes, easy to complement the images in white and blue colours.

— Composing the image with this shoes it is unnecessary to overload it with unnecessary details. It is best to choose accessories with elements of weaving, for example, a straw hat or bag. Try to give preference to jewelry in a simple style, replacing a massive choker and necklace of weightless suspension or silk handkerchief.

the White blouse in Bohemian style, black jeans and espadrilles to match them.

wide-Brimmed straw hat, plaid dress and beige espadrilles with black toe.

Striped knitted dress, black tote, and beige espadrilles Chanel.

a Straw hat, white lace dress, brown cross body striped espadrilles.

simple Black t-shirt, ripped jeans and espadrilles wine, as the focus of the image.

Striped blue shirt, black jeans and black espadrilles.

Hat with black ribbon, white blouse, blue jeans and white espadrilles with a black nose.

White t-shirt, denim overalls, huge black bag and espadrilles with geometric print in soft tones.

White t-shirt, pale pink jumpsuit and blue slip-on espadrilles with pink print.

Blue sleeveless blouse, a denim jumpsuit, a silver bag and a blue espadrilles.

Dress with a wrap with a colorful print and black espadrilles.

the Yellow blouse with floral print, ripped jeans, and blue slip-on espadrilles with applique sunflower. Espadrilles wedge

For the most feminine image for a date or to add treasured cm for growth — choose espadrilles with a wedge heel. They really look great with light dresses and skirts, clothing, cold shoulders, and with short denim shorts will make your legs incredibly slim.

it Should be noted that espadrilles wedge are extremely comfortable and quite versatile summer wardrobe, you can add them as everyday casual way, and a laconic business kit.

is Particularly beautiful, they look great with skirts and dresses length mini, thereby Recalling the season of holidays and rest.

nice tandem as will make espadrilles and chinos with a plain or printed shirt.

Beige ruffle dress, denim vest and beige espadrilles wedges.

Blue lightweight jacket, blue MIDI skirt with small white print and white espadrilles wedges.

Striped t-shirt, blue jeans and black espadrilles with a wedge heel.

Beige blouse with sleeves-ruffles, blue ripped jeans and beige espadrilles wedges.

Black espadrilles wedges, hat, vest and red bag.

White t-shirt, espadrilles, wedges and denim shorts.

Blouse with lace, dark skirt and black espadrille wedges.

Blue jeans and beige espadrilles with fringe.

Red dress with bare shoulders, round a massive bag and brown espadrilles wedges.

Vest, Navy blue overalls, and black espadrilles with a wedge heel.

boater Hat, white blouse, off-shoulder, striped gray shorts and espadrilles wedges.

Dark blue dress, off the shoulders, and red espadrilles.

Dark blue jumpsuit, espadrilles wedges in the same tone and brown cross body.

Dress in shades of green print, red bag and milk on a low espadrille wedge.

Blouse in ethno style, blue jeans, bag with a red item and espadrilles wedges in her tone. What to wear with men's espadrilles?

Yes, men too are wearing them! And you thought all the best ladies only?) Of course, the stronger sex are the models exclusively on a flat course, but they are in a huge variety – plain, classic colors (black, grey, blue, beige), bright bold colors (red, yellow, orange), as well as espadrilles with print and embroidery.

What are the possible combinations with this shoes in men's fashion?

— Forget about the hot and uncomfortable shoes with a suit, feel free to wear light slip-on espadrilles in tone with the costume, or if it allows a casual dress code — bright and flashy as an accent.

Espadrilles look great with a bit of rolled up chinos, paired with a simple t-shirt or shirt with a few unbuttoned buttons. Especially good tandem in bright tones.

— Great combination of make up from LHA shorts, cotton or denim, plain or printed t-shirts and, of course, espadrilles.

— as an accessory men can choose a straw hat with a small brim, scarf, sunglasses or a leather bracelet that will look perfectly with a rope sole shoes.

And remember, the health of the feet is not worth saving, especially if it still looks so stylish!

Espadrilles are indispensable in the wardrobe of the active mod.

Denim shirt, neckerchief, light chinos and a blue espadrilles.

White t-shirt, dark blue ripped jeans and white espadrilles.

Grey basic t-shirt, beige chinos and white espadrilles.

Striped t-shirt, gray shorts and espadrilles to match them.

Plaid shirt in blue and white palette, dark, rolled pants and dark espadrilles.

Beige hat, vest, milky jacket, red belt with dark trousers and espadrilles with a wide contrasting stripes.

Dark blue suit, blue shirt, a cravat and blue espadrilles.

Straw hat, a white shirt, beige pants and blue espadrilles.

Espadrilles are perfectly combined with shorts and a shirt or shirt in a bright palette.

White Polo, blue shorts and blue espadrilles.

Lactic shirt, blue jeans, brown accessories and a beige espadrilles.

Dark gray suit, white shirt, blue tie, white peas and blue espadrilles.

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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