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Bank "Renaissance Credit" figured out how to increase its network, offering consumer loans in the offices of other banks. Why banks are willing to share with each other customers and not it threatens losses at

the Bank "Renaissance Credit" has finished the pilot project for making loans through partner banks using services of money transfer system "Golden crown".

"during November we conducted a pilot project with the Bank of Novosibirsk. The results of the pilot showed the stability of the service and the attractiveness of the offer for clients and for the partner Bank. So now, together with CFT we begin to actively involve in service of the new regional and Federal partners," said Director of development credit Bank products "Renaissance Credit" Dmitry Kurganov.

Each party shall satisfy its needs

According to Kurganova, in the framework of this project, each party meets their needs. "Partner Bank gives the credit to his client, we do more affordable their loan products, increases the loyalty of CFT partner banks, offering services for developing new lines of business. Here is an example. The Bank — partner of money transfer system "Golden crown" lends only to payroll clients and the client "off the street" to loan product in the Bank can not, — he says. — Connecting to a new service, a partner Bank will not lose these customers. In service, you can create a credit application which will be processed by our Bank within five minutes. And the client will immediately be able to cash".

the representative of the Bank "Renaissance Credit" explained that by using this scheme of cooperation the Bank-partner gets the opportunity to not only attract new customers but also earn commissions for issuing loans. In addition, in the future he will be able to offer borrowers any other their products. And of course, don't forget about the opportunities to create new business using existing infrastructure partners. "Without lung involvement of banks in this story wouldn't have worked. That is, you could come in every Bank and offer to enter into a direct contract. But technologically, it's very easy: each Bank has its own lawyers, its own accounting, its own IT platform. For several years we would probably have agreed with several banks. Golden crown offers banks make use of existing services cash transfers that do not require any additional action for the integration of our Bank with partner banks", — said a source in "the Renaissance the Credit".

a year later, the number of banks — participants of the project will grow to a hundred, predicts the head of office brokerage solutions GK "CFT" Svetlana nikolyuk. "We commend the results of the pilot, together with our partner-Bank in Novosibirsk and plan soon to deploy the project on the Federal level, she says. — We can register interest in the new service from the banks and assume, in a year, about 100 banks-participants".

According to nikolyuk, was originally planned that the project will involve banks that are not actively engaged in retail lending. "But we suddenly saw the interest of the banks, which also successfully lend to individuals. The fact that the scoring models are different, and these banks are ready to transfer not approved in the application to receive additional Commission income," she explains.

the Idea is not new

the Idea of selling banking products through offices of other banks (including through money transfer systems) appeared on the financial market for quite some time, said the Director of Department of sales to private customers of the Bank Sergey Arsentev. "At the moment this remains a niche model that fits few players with specific expertise. I believe that such a model can exist in some specific cases, but the massive trend is definitely not going. The advantage of this method of sales of products for the lender is the savings on the content network. However, for the partner is quite a high risk of loss of client with competent cross-salovey of communication on the part of the lender," says Arsentev.


"the Greatest efficiency, this method of sale can show in mortgage lending," — he said.

Customers are not surprised

Geomance, which positions itself as a multifunctional network of banking offices, say the experience of selling products of different banks is successful.

"We develop the multifunctional network of Bank offices and we believe our experience in the presentation of the financial supermarket successful. Now we offer consumer loans and credit cards from several banks, and launched the sale of mortgage loans. In principle, we have formed a full range of clients interested in loan products. The range of products on deposits", — says the Chairman of the Board of Geobank Michael Sahin.

According to him, customers of the fact that the Bank offers to lend money to another credit institution, is not surprising. "With regard to the reaction of customers, they do not see anything amazing, probably wondering why this has not happened before. Not all come to the Bank with the view on the product that we want to, and we can offer several options," explains Sahin.

"In my opinion, retail banking will continue to evolve with the classical ways of working with customers, Bank branches and remote channels of service. Customers will still need offices, and live interaction with Bank employees, and the ability to manage finances remotely. Therefore, in the next five years, these service channels will remain for retail banking key, although experiments with active custom channels from banks will continue," predicts Sergey Arsentev.

On the question whether banks to share customers with each other, now, ready, said Director of Department of retail business of RosEvroBank Anton Suvorkin. "But the question lies not in technology — through the offices or through electronic channels — and the economies of this exchange for partners and customer service. There are already similar examples in the market of mortgage lending, when banks do not have their own mortgage programs offer mortgage products of the Bank-partner. Such a symbiosis may take place on other services," he says.

"the Idea of aggregators is reflected in various aspects of life. You can cite many examples from taxi to restaurants. So I think in the financial sector, such formats will be developed more and more actively," concludes Sachin.