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Sex: parse credit card themes of the day 07.12.2017 at 21:00

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Third holders "male" cards of the Bank "Russian Standard" are women. And for "female" cards of some of the most popular categories of spending — "male": the payment services in car dealerships and service stations. Banks.Roo studied, what is the difference between men and women in the use of Bank cards.

the Female soul

a survey from the Bank "Russian Standard", Bank cards, designed specifically for women and men, and different transactional behavior of their holders. And not always expected. For "female" in the map study the map taken from "Miss Russia" and "male" — "Football card".

So, the "women's" Bank card, developed jointly with the National beauty contest "Miss Russia", is positioned as a product for women. However, only 62% of holders of these cards — the fair sex. The "Russian Standard" note: of Keeper card data was "self-sufficient, self-confident ladies, the average age of this card Keeper 37 years."

"Indeed, one-third of the holders of the "female" card — men. Representatives of the stronger sex often decorated the base card, then to do additional for their beloved women — wives, daughters. Among men, the owners of this card have fans of the national beauty contest. In addition, this card is popular among men who work in the field of beauty services. And among those for whom beauty and appearance — it is a profession (actors, models). They spend a lot of the segments "Cosmetics" and "Beauty", and for them, cashback 10% is a significant benefit," — said in the analytical Department of "Russian Standard".

the Average check for all operations on the "female" card is 1.6 thousand rubles. The greatest number of transactions by deiatelnosti such cards was carried out in supermarkets (the average bill for such a purchase — 885 rubles). The second popular place — the furniture salons and shops on home improvement (the average check — about 4.6 thousand rubles), followed by beauty supply stores (the average check — 2,5 thousand rubles).

the Unexpected discovery was that among the popular segments where the girls were spending the money on the card, "wormed" motor with an average bill of 34.5 thousand rubles, and also petrol stations and service stations with an average check of 1.4 thousand.

"with regard to a large amount of spending on "female" card at the gas station a HUNDRED, we still attribute this to the fact that every year the number of car owners-men and car owners-women aligned. Today a woman just drives a car, but also cares for him, one HUNDRED and fills it at the gas station, no less than men," explains "the Russian Standard".

Transaction "female" cards of the Bank "Russian Standard" was conducted over the last six months in 36 countries. Top 5 cities in Russia with the transaction active deiatelnosti "beauty cards" as follows:

— Moscow (average cheque card transaction amounted to 1 576 rubles);

— Saint-Petersburg (the average check — 1 792 rubles);

— Novosibirsk (2 878 rubles);

— Omsk (1 212 rubles);

— Voronezh (1 318 rubles).

In Internet and mobile banking the most popular operation on the map for the fair sex — the housing and communal services (average cheque transaction — 3,9 thousand). Next come the external transfer with an average bill of 29.3 thousand rubles, and internal transfers between own accounts with an average bill of 43.9 thousand.

Grocery widget Male story

"Football card" of the Bank "Russian Standard", released in the spring of 2017 on the eve of the Confederations Cup, created especially for fans of the sport. Although not without surprises. 33% of holders of this card is female.

"of Course, for different people to choose from the card is affected by different factors: a bright and beautiful design, and the involvement in such a significant event in Russia and the love of football — all this plays in favor of the choice of such maps are not only men but also women. In our country, really a lot of fans and lovers of football that draw the map to be closer to their favorite game. But let's not forget that the card provides a higher cash-back in categories "Sports", "sports goods" and "Fitness" are equally interesting for men and women" — say the analysts of "Russian Standard".

Average ticket purchases at the "male" card is 2, 3 thousand rubles. Most shopping holders of these cards do in supermarkets (the average check of 600 rubles), sport stores (the average check — 7.9 thousand rubles), gas stations (1.5 million rubles). Also men are popular shops of building materials (average check — 10,5 thousand rubles) and restaurants. Given that the last size of the average ticket is 800 rubles, then we are likely talking about fast food restaurants (fast food).

On the "card fan" (by volume) of transactions takes place in Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Orel, Ulyanovsk, Kemerovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, St.-Petersburg, Kazan and Novosibirsk.

In the channels of the remote banking services are the most popular operations with the use of "male" cards — internal transfer between your accounts with the average cheque transaction 11,1 thousand roubles, the transfer from card to card (average of 8.9 thousand rubles), and Internet charges (535 rubles).

Like or not?

the head of the Department of e-business and cards of Absolut Bank Vasily Potemkin notes that in the banking market there are examples of "masculine" and "feminine" card, but basically the banks in the lines presents a "universal" card.

Potemkin also indicates that in the expenditure of "Beauty" and "Medicine" — traditionally feminine, and expenses associated with cars and appliances, male. Different and transaction activity. According to Potemkin, women tend to unexpected expenses, small but frequent purchases. Men buy occur less frequently, but the average check amount more.

"This, of course, the average market data. Of course, on transaction behavior and spending has a significant impact the level of income, age, marital status, explains the Potemkin. We see that differences in this respect between men and women is gradually disappearing. This is probably due to the fact that women participate more actively in social life, successfully implemented professionally and their income is growing." The expert Bank card Ekaterina Martakova notes that the maps created specifically for men or women, except on special design, can provide additional benefits for their holders.

"Bonuses and discounts on these cards are installed often in one, rarely in two narrow categories, and can also carry a promotional short-term in nature. Therefore, these maps are not always more profitable than standard products. Before making "male" or "female" card, it is better to compare it with other offerings on the market," warns Marchukova.


However, the surveyed credit institutions pay attention to the fact that the payment behavior of Russian men and women varies depending on the sex and not on gender maps.

"With the release of cards we orientirueshsya rather on the interests of customers, rather than gender characteristics. In our portfolio there are special cards for travelers, gamers, fans of online shopping. Although we do not aim to create a product exclusively for men or women, it is obvious that the map Tinkoff All Games is more popular among men, and kobrand Internet store Lamoda in women. Moreover, among the holders of Bodybuilding a lot of men and even among women, there are female fans of video games," said in the press service of TCS Bank.

the credit organization complements: each year, the difference in transaction behavior increasingly "blurred". Many women spend large sums on purchases in the categories of "Fuel" and "auto Services". Men, more money you leave in beauty salons and cosmetic shops.

"We observe that there are categories in which most spend either men or women. For example, women spend 17% more money in supermarkets. Also they are more likely than men to shop at clothing stores and Shoe, pharmacies, beauty salons and cosmetic shops. At the same time, men spend more in cafes and restaurants and more likely to commit the transaction associated with the travel. And at the gas station and car repair expenses of men and is two times higher than women," says Executive Director, head of cross sales and the development of relations with clients of the Bank "Renaissance Credit" Nikita Voblikov.

"Based on payment activity from our customers, we see that the number of transactions in women is on average higher than men because they more often than men do housework and perform everyday household expenses — buy a house, food, medicines and so on. While women statistically earn less and are less likely to demonstrate savings behavior," — said the head of product development Department of the Bank Alexey Korzin.

at the same time, the number of transactions in men, according to the observations of analysts of Binbanka, less, but they are more likely to make a major purchase, for example, in the categories "Cars" and "Travel". Moreover, most customers from number of couples give birth to multiple cards to one account that allows them to be aware of the costs to each other, and also to hoard more bonuses in different categories.

"overall, with regard to the gender approach to the product line, we note that it applies more to the marketing flow of the product than the fundamental separation of business model. Men and women show roughly equal interest to banking services and are equally interested in card products, loans and deposits", — says Korzin.


According to the Vice-President, head of retail block SMP Bank's Novel Tsivinyuka special offers, separately for men and women in the Bank no — credit organization strives to make the products versatile and convenient for all categories of customers. The differences in the financial behavior of customers of different sexes are not difficult to notice.

"In the first place is the size of the average check — in men it is somewhat more than women. This is due to costs: men often pay for large purchases like travel packages, tickets, and technology. Ladies basically make everyday household waste: pay for products, household chemicals, the goods for the house and shop in specialized stores — cosmetics, perfume, clothing, lists of Zepinic. — From the point of view of saving behavior there are also differences: women are more frugal and more open to contributions than men. By the way, part of financial discipline ladies too in the first place — they rarely miss payments on loans, and if you allow delay, the more likely to repay debt in the early stages".

anyway, the "Russian Standard" I believe that every year transaction behavior of women and men on the cards stronger "closer". So, men are increasingly visiting beauty salons, buying food in supermarkets, while women were active visitors of gyms and workshops. According to analysts of "Russian Standard", largely heterosexual clients "pull together" the nature of spending, the emergence of online services — taxi, delivery services of prepared foods and products, cleaning companies.