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“AMIK”: “the Use of the brand of KVN in the movies is not forbidden”

KVN for ALL 08.12.2017 at 14:18

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Newspaper "Fontanka" publishes comments of representatives of TTO "AMIK" on the situation with the renaming of the documentary "KVN: certificate of birth":

TTO "AMIK" did not forbid the use of the name "KVN" in the title of the documentary "KVN. Birth certificate". On request "Fontanka" representatives "AMIK" reported that the use of the brand is not forbidden. "However, the filmmakers have not agreed on the title of the work with the rights holders. Moreover, they did not even take any attempt to communicate with "TTO "AMIK", as was notified the leadership of the "KARO film management" (a network of cinemas, one of which should be shown the movie – approx.ed.)", – explained the representatives of the Club of cheerful and resourceful.

Which ultimately plans to take the brand holders, "KVN", remains unclear. To clarify, what responses can be followed for a cinema, festival and Director of the film, if the film will be released on the screen, there was no answer.