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In our house settled a deranged neighbor

Zadolba!whether 11.12.2017 at 11:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I Read you and jealous. You can just pick up and go to the neighbors, just ask them not to interfere or to make them a little revenge within the law, so people took the hint and took action. But people, unfortunately, multi-faceted, and natural creatures among us are countless.

My neighbors the inmates. A family of two brothers, young ladies and her daughter. About the ladies I will not say, but the brothers both sat. How do I know? Told the policeman that we were called about another disco overhead. Discos, certainly no more (I think temporarily), but these lovely people have conceived repair, removed flooring, and then they ran out of money. Again, how do I know? Yes I can hear all their conversations so well that they can grasp the essence, and that's not counting the wild clatter. Together with this family I Wake up, work all day under their accompaniment and go to sleep still under the thud and the screams. In just 3 months neighbourhood I got periodic panic attacks, neurosis, insomnia and even an eating disorder. I — to this perfectly healthy person.

I tried to talk. Polite, then rude. What to talk to me, I'm a Snitch. How do they know that I call the police? And from there, the entrance we have a whole consists of "terpenes" that are afraid to speak even with me, even though I'm a person friendly. They are willing to endure a week-long binges with the disco ready to tolerate the music that you hear on three of the yard. But even long before our relationship came the police, many times I went and asked the neighbors to buy the sneakers, or lay a carpet. And even your carpet offered, but no, stomping on the linoleum and concrete much nicer. And after my requests twice.

I pounded on the panels and the ceiling, I turned on the music. But, you know, first, I can't listen to music at night, I'm a decent person, and secondly, I can't listen to it all day, because get tired, ears hurt — and actually, I still night with headphones to sleep, because to sleep the cries and the patter of four hippos unrealistic. And yet... even they do I revenge. To start moving furniture in the morning? Easy! Big wash three? Even easier. The tramp and merrymaking with the child until five in the morning? Yes, as two fingers about asphalt.

And you know what pisses me off most about this situation? There's nothing I can do about it, just shut up and endure. Police at the household noise doesn't come, even though the cabinets with dumbbells drop. Soundproofing? Can organize but it does not extinguish the impact noise takes away precious inches from the ceiling and is sour money. To plead with the fans to stomp I'm also not able to — no standards, the apartment they test is hardly empty, expertise costs money, and legal help. The courts will stretch for a year or two, and not the fact that I will win and if you win — these peppers can calmly do nothing. My music does not prevent them, they have their day, include not easy.

All I can do is to write here and go and cry that I will do now.

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