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Someone else's misfortune handed divorce

Zadolba!whether 12.12.2017 at 05:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I am unusually lucky: I have wonderful twins and a wonderful employer that allows me to work from home. My children did not get to arrange in kindergarten, although they soon 4, because the seats in turn gave them this far, where even I go, in the end, I do not have time to pick them up because of his work schedule. Now waiting for the exchange to close. But I'm not pissed off, because I have the happiness to see and hug my kids all day. Well, almost, because I have blockages there are, and they have a secret game. Hard to me? Hard, and how. But we are trying and hopefully learn something needed. Patience, self-reliance — that this all.

now, and you can complain. Complain about people who have everything simply, and I'm lazy, stupid or all included. It's only to go to the Ministry in the Department of preschool education and to explain what my situation is complicated. By the way, I checked, found out how long I should wait and is it possible to do something. "An application for transfer of writing? Well, wait no further your competency". Well, OK, I'm waiting. Tell the counselor and I hear: "But you didn't go, have to go! To the Deputy, and aunt Mary call she's the head teacher at the school, is also in the field of education works."

Another option is to go to the coveted garden and to negotiate. All people are adults, you know what it's about. Except no one offers a gift of many thousands, that we with the head to shake hands. I admit, I even through a friend know how much. But the fact is that our age group is not banal of places. No money, no chocolate, no beautiful eyes.

At this stage of the conversation, we turn to the appeals and examples. "But OLE was given before!" Olya is from a large family, is in turn reduced. "So, in pay-kindergarten is necessary". Yeah, just my salary right on garden leave. How great you came up with! "But you can also take time off to catch in a distant garden". Of course! As I have not guessed! Dear employer! Two hours in the most intense moment of the shift, I'm going to be gone. The next two years. You'd probably kiss me for this wonderful offer, right?

And neither the adviser says: "I will be able to take your children, I want to ask you a paying job, so you can rise above the situation and jump over the wall in which it rested, I'll just sit with your kids so you can shower and to sleep..."

I know people like the song "I'm good, but good does not hurt anyone-at". People sympathize with, like trying to help, but one thing became. Thank you, eat yourself.

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