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Forget here with you

Zadolba!whether 12.12.2017 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I respect elders and love my relatives, but there are two themes, which I'm starting to twitch his eyes.

the First theme: "Dress warmer!"

— it's minus twenty! Get dressed! You just got dressed? And the scarf? Are you sure you've had enough of this scarf? Maybe give this one? And socks? Do you have wool socks?

my Dear ones! I arrived yesterday from Africa, I was born and raised here in Siberia. I know that this winter, freezing temperatures and how to dress. But there is one more thing: I move around the city by car. I don't have long to stomp down the street or stand and freeze at the bus stop. I'll jump in a warm car parked at the entrance and drive straight to your destination. In our small town to put the car within a hundred meters from the house — no problem. Really, in order to run one hundred meters, I need tights in three layers, wool socks, scarves and other rubbish?

and the second: "It's dirty!"

the mother-in-law often throws us products, for which many thanks to her. If she manages to find a good meat or fruit at a nice price — taking themselves and us. But each time, handing the bag of groceries, she could not refrain from commenting.

Is dirty! All dirty! Be sure to wash! Do you hear? Don't forget to wash!

Even when we leave the apartment after us will come: "And apples wash! They're unwashed!"

This puzzles me, because everyone who knows me longer than a couple of weeks, even laugh at my pathological cleanliness. I suspect that I will bite off an unwashed Apple or send it in the soup a piece of dirty meat, at least strange. I never in such were not observed. But still...

— Bought to you by oranges. Good, juicy! But unwashed! Do you hear? Unwashed, from the store! Store all dirty! Do not eat unwashed! At first wash! And where without a hat? It's minus five! Cold! Get dressed! Dress...

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