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In pursuit of high returns more and more clients of the Russian brokers choose the shares of US companies. Is it worth trying to make them non-professional investor and what you need to remember, the asked professional participants of the stock market.

How to invest

a few years ago, investing in American companies or European companies was the prerogative of wealthy citizens who opened foreign currency accounts in foreign jurisdictions, such as Cyprus. Now to try to earn on the shares of Facebook or Apple could even a layman with a thousand dollars. Enough to open a brokerage account or IMS from domestic broker — and can be traded.

However, the list of potential candidates for the purchase is limited solely to Russian stocks — Moscow and St. Petersburg exchanges. But it is more than 500 issuers. Shares of American companies — if we talk about shares — the quotes which are exhibited in St. Petersburg. For comparison, the number of companies whose shares are traded on the Moscow exchange, slightly more than 200. "In the Russian market there are stocks and bonds, which can show a good return on the horizon in one to two years, but the variety of foreign instruments in any case gives a new, often more interesting investment opportunities", — says head of market analysis "Opening Broker" Konstantin Bushuev.

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the Only condition is that all transactions are conducted in dollars, because we are dealing with foreign shares. If you open a brokerage account, you can convert it to currency, for example, through the Internet Bank. In the case of IIA will have to pay rubles and then convert them at the exchange rate in dollars. The minimum lot size is 1 thousand dollars, plus have to pay a Commission to the broker for the transaction. But still, the buying rate more profitable than the exchange Bank.

and All investment income are credited in foreign currency. Therefore, from the point of view of investment diversification foreign stocks for you. However, we must remember that the profits from foreign investment will have to pay tax. The risk is that if at the time of tax payments the ruble against the dollar will fall, you will have to pay the tax associated with income from currency revaluation.

"this year, the US market is growing is clearly better than the Russian"

unlike volatile Russian market, the U.S. stock market is steadily growing. YTD the S&P 500 index (reflects quotes the largest capitalization companies in the U.S.) increased by almost 18%, the Dow Jones industrial rose by 22%. "The average annual increase in American stock market S&P 500 in 100 years is 7% — twice the average annual yield of bonds, real estate and other assets," — said the head of investment strategies "BCS" Yuri Sorkin.

According to the managing Director of the company "Aton" Andrey Revenko, if the correction in the US market and will, most minor. Head of Department of trading operations IK "freedom Finance" Igor Kleshnev agree that the us stock market is not risk-free: it may rise or fall. "But in recent years it is growing more stable and calmer than the markets in Europe or Asia," — said the expert. He points out that the technological sector of the USA this year has increased by 25%. "The leader of the DJ-30, the Boeing company rose by about 80%, Apple shares rose 45%, but Ford added only about 3%. All uneven, but this year the US market is growing is clearly better than the Russian", — concludes Clusnet.

the Index of the Moscow exchange since the beginning of 2017,

Source: the Moscow exchange

Indeed, if you look at the curve of the Russian stock index, it appears that since the beginning of the year, the market experienced a serious decline (index Mosberg fell by 17%), in the middle of the year he was trading in the range of 1 880-1 900 points. The total losses of the Russian stock market was 6%. It impacted the dynamics of cost index mutual Funds, the losses which, according to the NLU, with a January average of 3,73% (however, in three years they earned over 80%). Good results showed equity funds, some managers have earned for clients 15-20% yield. The average yield of equity Funds since the beginning of the year was within 9%.

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Surveyed managers and brokers say that the main difficulty for the Amateur investor when choosing foreign companies is its lack of awareness. Besides the well-known brands such as Amazon or Disney, the Russian private investors in General not much is known of American companies. On the activities of most American businesses, our investors have a vague idea. In contrast, the same Russian issuers which every day there are dozens of analytical reviews, comments in the media. "It is unlikely that a private investor is to engage in self-selection of individual securities, particularly in the Western areas because there is a huge variety. To perform financial statements even 1% of the traded companies are very difficult," — emphasizes the portfolio Manager of the criminal code "Alfa Capital" Edward Harin.

Managing Director for investments "TKB investment partners" Vladimir Chuprov advises novice investors to look at foreign index ETF funds or trust funds a qualified Manager. "Many people like to buy Western action "from a lantern", type stock portfolio IT companies or pharmacology. From our point of view this is a very ineffective strategy," warns the Manager.

the Financiers offer several investment options. For example, you can buy shares in one or two issuers in the long term, 5-10 years, and try to capitalize on their growth. To navigate at the same time, according to Andrey Revenko of "Aton", is on companies that are leaders in their sector. Igor Kleshnev sure that investing in us stocks is possible and 100% of the capital as in the market to really find a very reliable company whose shares are traded on the stock exchange for more than 100 years, General Electric, IBM, and others.

Another approach is to buy a portfolio of a large number of issuers whose shares are weakly correlated with each other and periodically conduct a "rebalancing" to share one paper is not much higher than the proportion of other. This will significantly reduce the risk of volatility. However, like Edward Harin, the investor will have to spend on Commission to the broker. "When buying ETF funds, the client usually pays a lower fee for management, but on the other scale — the lack of management and rebalancing within the index are often highly technical in nature," he explains. Actively managed funds, according to Kharin to have higher commissions, but provide the investor with the opportunity to obtain a higher profitability index.

What to buy

As in this year, many market participants expect further growth of papers of IT companies and financial sector companies. "The technology sector was the most profitable according to the results of the last few seasons records and is the growth leader in 2017. Next year also expect that they will be among the growth leaders," says Igor Kleshnev of IR "freedom Finance". Yuri Sorkin from the "BCS" cites the example of a few investment ideas: in particular, according to him, the further growth of the stock can show Amazon that constantly directs most of the revenue for the development of new technologies and services. Another option — shares of the manufacturer of semiconductors for mobile gadgets Lamresearch. The company also makes machines for the production of chips for mobile devices. "The growth of mobile devices increases consumption of content: movies, cartoons, video games," says Sorkin. In the us market there are huge corporations involved in the production of video game content. It's Electronic Arts, Disney, Netflix. All of these companies, he said, would remain attractive with the increasing purchasing power of the younger generation.

According to the surveyed, analysts, the financial sector can also become the growth leader in 2018 under the influence of the tax reform, deregulation, which promises a new fed Chairman Jerome Powell. The positive effect will also have an increase in refinancing. "Stable profit always generate action payment systems. They have many years show stable growth", — cites the example of the Deputy Director of analytical Department of "Alpari" Anna Kokoreva. For example, she said, shares of Mastercard are steadily rising, this year alone they have grown by 40%.

In the Wake of growth of the cryptocurrency market analyst also advises to look to the manufacturers of graphics cards, like NVidia. "Cards of this manufacturer are in great demand in wanting mine bitcoins, and while it is a strong driver for the growth of the company's shares," — says Kokoreva.

Konstantin Bushuev from the "OTKRITIE Broker", apart from the IT companies, recommends to pay attention to the companies in the sector of precious metals, the energy sector and the segment of new financial technologies. "Given the expectations for growth in the global economy you can count on the investment horizon in a few years," he said.