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Sergei Dovlatov wrote that wealth and poverty — such as innate qualities like hair color or ear for music. Some people remain poor, winning the lottery, while others, having lost everything, again cashing in fabulous condition. decided to test this hypothesis.

"One is born poor, another rich. And money there is actually nothing to do with it. You can be poor with the money. And therefore a Prince without a single penny," — wrote Sergei donatovich Dovlatov. decided to test this hypothesis, asking bankers, economists, investors and young people, whether the rich are born, not made.

"is Not to say that born poor will be poor always"

Daria, 22 years, student:

— I think wealth and poverty in principle cannot be innate. A culture of handling money instilled from childhood, but there is not so clear: people from poor backgrounds could, through education, to save money, or, conversely, spend it all immediately, because "you only live once", and "Crossroads" vodka on the stock. We cannot say, for example, that born poor will be poor always. More importantly, is able to save and allocate your finances or not.

"Wealth and poverty are determined by the way of thinking and human activities"

Vladislav, 24, lawyer:

— Clearly, the wealth and poverty by themselves are not innate characteristics. The fact that 28% of people from the first hundred Forbes inherited his wealth in any way is not denied.

the Wealth and poverty are States, which are determined by the thinking and activities of a particular person, which is a dynamic expression of the personality. Personality, as we know, has a biological and social factors of its formation. Omitting the debate on this subject, you can roughly identify what biological and social factors are important in a 50/50 ratio. You can be born into a wealthy family and then to squander his inheritance, and Vice versa. Thus, as wealth indirectly can be considered as inborn only to the extent, which are innate characteristics of the person needed to achieve it.

Quote "Suvorov became the commander, although he was born very weak"

Aida, 21, student:

— in order to earn a lot, you need to love to learn and work hard. It does not matter how you were born. Suvorov was the commander, although he was born very weak. Of course, if you're whole life lived like Christ in his bosom, the mother blew you out of dust, then you find yourself alone with the cruel reality, to get out you will be very difficult. But, as practice shows, some still choose.

"to get Rid of poverty is harder than to lose all wealth"

Anton, 23 years, economist:

— of Course, to get rid of poverty is harder than to lose all the wealth. On the other hand, I have personally watched people and had nothing back, fought and rose up, as well as those who had everything, lost it in a few moments.

"Poverty can be a conscious choice"

Anatoly, 27 years old, historian:

— Innate? No, the wealth will have to fight, no matter where you were born. How just man refers to the fact that it acquires, and what was his education will depend on whether he will be rich or not. Poverty can be a conscious choice. For example, born in a wealthy family may want the seclusion, and the man from a poor family, would open a lucrative business.

"How the poor can get out into the world, and Vice versa"

Ilja, 32 years old, Manager:

— It just depends on the person. Of course, fundamental are the conditions in which man lives. In any case, as the poor can get out into the world, and Vice versa.

"Is not determined by genes, in contrast to the color of our eyes"

Nikita novokhatsky, 23 years old, specialist of business development Department in the Asian markets of JSC "IFC "solid":

— In my opinion, poverty or wealth, in any case are not an innate quality. It is not determined by genes, in contrast to, for example, from the color of our eyes. Of course, some of the person to varying degrees, depend on the set of genes. But this is only the start kit, which is already in the future environment first and foremost they themselves. Don't forget about the "rule of 10 thousand hours," which minimizes difference associated with the natural talent of another person in any area. Important for the accumulation of wealth is the ability to prioritize, manage your time, work, perseverance, burning eyes and a large appetite for risk: fortune favors the bold. This is especially important in modern society, with its huge flow of information and openness. After all, if a person may lack their own creativity and innovative ideas, so necessary to the entrepreneur, he can always find a success story in another country and just moved rethought and modified the experience of others in the realities of their society. Well, no one cancels the game on the same financial markets where many lose money, but many of them multiply — it is necessary only to be able to use all the information that you provide to modern media, financial companies and issuers themselves. And this is more a question, again, to work, perseverance, and total immersion in the case, which, in the opinion of the person, should it get rich.

Our young people are afraid of change

One of the conditions of attaining wealth is considered to be the willingness to risk. And the youth in the popular consciousness is considered the most ready to risk age group. As it turned out, in Russia it is not so.

as a result of a nationwide survey and group discussions in the capital conducted by the Moscow Carnegie center and "Levada-Center", the researchers came to the conclusion that young people under 25 years old — the age group that is least committed to decisive change. They — the leaders of the view that any changes do not need (15% vs. 10-11% in other age groups). Almost half of young believes that needed only minor changes.

the Youth, which is considered one of their target groups and liberal reformers, and the President of Russia, contrary to the clichéd notions of how young engines and consumers of the changes is, perhaps, the most restrained stance in relation to the changes.

"Patronized by their parents and influenced by propaganda in school, University and media youth as a whole demonstrates — by any polls — a deeper satisfaction with the current situation and more optimistic about the future than other social groups," the study says.

on the other hand, as soon as young people entering adulthood, is the profession and begins to take responsibility for the family, or at least for himself (25-39 years), his desire for change intensifies.


To confirm or refute the "passivity" of young people, specially interviewed people in the age group of 20-30 years, to see if they are willing to fight for their place under the sun or already resigned to the fact that they have. The results speak for themselves — there was not a single response in favor of congenital congenital poverty or wealth.

"Wealth is inherited phenomenon"

a Fundamental study of the distribution of global wealth over the past few centuries, Thomas Piketty's "capital in the twenty-first century," shows that the rotation in the top decile (ten percent of the richest people) is not more than 10% in a generation. This suggests that 90% of the conditions are inherited and only 10% earned entrepreneurial talent.

however, this rule does not apply to Russia, which was socialist transformation and is associated with nationalization. But, in the absence of new revolutionary upheaval, the situation in Russia will be closer to the model of Mature market economies with each generation. And capital will once again be inherited (subject to a right relationship to the General plan, which reduces the probability of loss of status at this stage for legal and organizational reasons).

Thus, wealth in terms of capital is primarily inherited (social, but not biological terms) phenomenon, says expert planning and probate Viktor Vyatkin.

In fact, these are two different visions of one and the same, different system of values. Rich people do not spare money for their development, to become wiser, smarter, stronger and better, according to the President of Singapore Castle Family Office Eldiyar Muratov.

"to Become rich means to use what you are given here and now, constantly to develop it and not wait for better times will come, when the good uncle gives you a lot of dollars just like that. Yes, the world is not as rosy as some people think.

It is full of pain and disappointments. That is why the psychology of a rich man — is the psychology of the fighter, the warrior who always finds the impetus to move forward," outlines his philosophy Muratov.

the Formula of wealth: "save and invest"

a Simple formula for achieving wealth described one of the richest people in the world — Warren Buffett. Exactly he is credited with the phrase: "Save and invest".

some of us more frugal, someone more wasteful. The people who do that to save and accumulate money, and to some it is given with great difficulty. Someone is looking for opportunities to invest, and someone does not think over this issue. Most likely, these qualities are acquired, obtained, for example, family, environment.

If you look at millionaires, it turns out that the vast majority of them earned their capital from scratch. So good news for those who are poor: everything is in your hands, and you can change your financial situation, encouraged by the head of the analytical Department of the company, "Analyst Online" Gleb Zadoya.

"the Bad news is that just nothing happens. In order to become rich, you will need a special mindset, attitude towards money. You also need to have a certain level of financial literacy. Well, then you need to act, no matter how difficult it may be," — said the expert.

"the Rich getting bigger,"

In the gap between rich and poor has its own pattern. What do rich people do in times of crisis? Look for and use the opportunities offered to them this period, invest money, try to save them and multiply. Thus, the period of instability, with its high risks and, as a consequence, high returns investment makes the rich richer and increases their number.

on the other hand, income close to the minimum living wage, inflation eats. Wages are rising extremely reluctant. Every year the cost of living is getting higher, and not keep up with inflation the only way down to the bottom of poverty, more and more people. According to Rosstat, real disposable incomes of Russians in October of this year has accelerated the decline in annual terms, from 0.3% to 1.3%. "Real disposable incomes are estimated at October 2017 fell by 1.3% compared with the corresponding period of the previous year, in January — October 2017 — also on 1,3%," — said the Agency. In turn, the real accrued salary for the period increased by 0.3%.

"Hipsters usually tend to seem poorer than they really are. But the number of millionaires increases every year, because growing the economy and prices," — said the Director of analytical Department IK "Golden Hills-Capital AM," Michael Krylov.

According to him, the only way to become a millionaire without being in the "rogue wave" offers stock market, which will receive support from the coming tax cuts in America, even if the currency will be cheaper.

"Each of us chooses to be poor or rich. Perhaps that is why many people still keep their money in the form of dollar deposits, but not a classic diversified portfolios of highly liquid securities of international companies with a sustainable business model," — emphasizes the expert.

the Quote "Poor — to-left, rich — right"

If you evaluate the poverty and wealth from an economic point of view, we can draw a line beyond which begins the poverty or the subjects move into the category of the rich. "We expect the consumer basket, calculated the cost of living, annual income — and please: those left, those to right", — says the financial consultant TeleTrade Mikhail Grachev.

But conditions are constantly changing: the world economy grows, the purchasing power of money decreases, and the amount of liquidity in the world increases. Hence, the rise of millionaires, which will only continue.

most Likely, poverty and wealth from an economic point of view still are not innate categories. But it is obvious that one who from childhood has access to the trappings of wealth, has more chances to become even more rich. On the other hand, this factor does not give grounds to believe that the rest of the chances of riches there. Modern conditions and technologies negate the initial conditions and give the possibility to get the result.

Here again it is possible to remember Sergey Dovlatov: "Everyone chooses what he likes".