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«Serious game". Report from the Cup Clip

KVN for ALL 11.12.2017 at 08:57

KVN for ALL - all the news of the KVN Comedy Club and other comic projects..

Lamp Cup for me personally is the most favorite Kurovskoe event of city scale. He holds a consistently high level, some of the speech and did a live to air Premerki or platform almost unchanged. But there is always enough space and outright heresy in the television leagues clean with the diligence of officials of WADA (bear, mention the doping scandal in this text will be a lot). And the team, Moscow League, having a year to feel the room, are much bolder. Turns out, though, not at all.

But in the beginning those who have already succeeded. Decide the fate of participants of the Cup of the jury so beautiful (Kseniya Korneva ["Ural dumplings", "Raisa", the chief editor of KVN-TV, legend "Textop"], Anna Nedelko [Team Murmansk]), and so omnipotent (Evgeny Kaplun ["Humor FM"], Dmitry Sisuk ["Savushkin product"], Ruben Partevyan [alpha and omega, and Ruben all Moscow KVN]. The beauty and mightily almaça Murtaza from Sparta to evaluate me, so in the formula above, he does not fit in any way. My apologies a single view.

host — Kirill Lopatkin [the Chamber of weights and measures leading KVN].

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