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Inomoderator of the month in December - Fairy

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 11.12.2017 at 23:24

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

In December anomodontia month was a Fairy. 20% discount from the base price, which amounts to 1260 rubles (discount!)

the offer "EM months" applies to both guests and club members.

For club members, the discount is combinable with club discount.

an Important addition!

Dear Partners of our store today your Commission is 10% (discount on your personal purchases) will also be summarized at a discount on a particular stock (your choice)! Here's a gift for the New year!

read More about the affiliate program of our shop>>

If someone wants instead of the Fairies to buy a Phoenix under the same conditions, it is possible.

What would You think about the person who ignored all Your warnings about possible troubles?

Must have decided that he is blind, deaf or mentally handicapped.

similarly, the universe responds to us.

Every day she is constantly trying to warn about future events, hints of possible trouble, warns against mistakes. But often we don't notice anything not to hear or see.

of Course, the universe is trying to attract our attention, often unpleasant.

to reach out for sure, they beat us on the sore place! We wonder why this is happening.

►How to learn to listen to the Universe (or our Guardian angel)?

►How to avoid her kicks to attract our attention?

►How not to step on the same rake?

But we are with you, as always, lucky. After all, we have Fairy is an excellent assistant that will teach all this.

the Only condition is that we need to be ready to hear, and most importantly, listen to the prompts. This is very important!

the Fairy to tell, but we hear it or not is our responsibility.

in addition, Fairy is a real Charmer. And we in life magic can not hurt. Especially for the New year.

Fairy is primarily a "tool for healing the Soul." Her strength is in prevention and that it helps a person to understand the reasons for what is happening to him. And it does so very carefully. And even if her ward will not hear the prompts in time, she is still in the crucial moment "helping hand".

the Important thing is that You can get with the help of the Fairies – a return to its True essence, inner harmony, to agree with you.

All things are possible if desired – that is trying to tell us Fairy.

►"Little" essay about UM Fairy (how long studied Fairy, and along with myself)

►read More about the Phoenix here and here.

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