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Well, stupid-s-s!

Zadolba!whether 12.12.2017 at 11:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I'm a young, non-confrontational, relaxed and quite sociable girl decided to work in a call centre, an online store for taking orders. Since then a year has passed, and after the late Mikhail Nikolaevich, I do not usually like to repeat his unforgettable "Well, dumb-s-s".

first, most customers do not know their own phone. The reason is simple: "I myself do not call". Apparently, the same logic does not need to know his address: his own letters do not write, right? Especially this sin of secretaries and administrators of various organizations for whom this phone is a work tool. In addition, many do not even know that in Moscow a long time ago two telephone code. They dictate your number, and please specify city code and proudly shout of "Moscow!" Very advanced code dictate from the entrance. And if with local numbers all just code it's easy to pick up something with cellphones it won't work, but the most talented manage to dictate, and these rooms without a code. Do I need to iterate through all the existing codes of all mobile operators?

Often come across those who do not know what metro station is near their home and what kind of transport is near. There was one client who could not remember his own first name.

Every second does not know how to use the Internet. To make an order in the online store for them is an impossible task, and this despite the fact that our website couldn't be simpler. They put items in the cart and waiting for them to arrive by courier. And enter the address and click the button? No, it is easier to demand that I went into their basket and she looked laying there. How I can get into their computer? Answer: "But others can, why can't you?"

the People, you zadolbali its clarity.

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