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The traveler has recorded the alien sounds coming from the depths of the Altai lakes

NEWS PLANET 14.12.2017 at 19:29

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Traveling to the most diverse corners of the planet, Svetlana Kazina has witnessed a remarkable phenomenon: Akkem lake in the Altai mountains, was making strange noises.

at First, the woman did not understand how the reservoir is capable of that. The first thing that came into her mind — aliens, located on the bottom of the lake. Later it became known that sounds — a consequence of ice movement (the contraction and expansion).

Svetlana shared that "singing" of the reservoir varies in the morning and evening hours. Sounds somewhat reminiscent of the cry of the whales: they are loud, low and howling. If you connect a sound wave in a single composition, you get a melody similar to the music of Jean-Michel and sharp high frequencies.