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Big Pharma insists on that parents treated the children of drug, but but effective medicines

NEWS PLANET 16.12.2017 at 11:10

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More recently, Big Pharma has declared that even three-year-olds experiencing a mental health crisis. The company urges urgent to take kids to the doctor for examination and further treatment.

the very same Big Pharma specializiruetsya on the production and distribution of opiates, which are addictive. Probably, the company decided to plant on their money not only adults but also children.

the report provides statistics of "sick": every fifth American child suffers from a mental disorder, a General measure of treatment need of 15 million people. Also Big Pharma leads the statistics on suicide among adolescents due to mental disorders.

Antidepressants are supposed to help, is considered a threat by 11 countries of the European Union. After studies of the American company, it has been already 134 claims on account of side effects.

it Should be noted that an open propaganda vehicles is bearing fruit: at the moment 11% of all Americans takes antidepressants. Moreover, this figure increases every year.