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Thor's hammer: Swiss workers found a strange artifact

NEWS PLANET 16.12.2017 at 17:16

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During construction in 2013, the underground railroad in Switzerland, the builders had discovered a strange artifact that was sticking out of the rocks.

the length of the object was 60 inches, the handle workers noticed Norwegian runes and lightning. Hammer and soil samples sent to scientists. Those enlightened on the subject of special x-ray unit.

At the end of the study, the experts were surprised: the artifact turned out to be very similar to a hammer, which had a God of storms and of thunder, Thor. It turns out, a myth that was passed from mouth to mouth — the truth.

the Analysis of the age of the soil, in turn, showed that at that time people did not exist. Could the Gods to walk on our land? To this question yet difficult to answer, however, certain facts and items to prove it. So, for example, in California found tools that are more than 20 million years. People, again, did not yet exist.