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In India discovered fresh remains of a dinosaur

NEWS PLANET 17.12.2017 at 09:29

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The Dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago, but their remains are still found in various parts of the world. However, usually excavated skeletons archaeologists, not ordinary people, as in our case, reports the Daily Mail.

Amazing creature found Elektrik settlement Jaspur (Uttarakhand state, India). The man was cleaning the substation, abandoned 35 years ago, and came across an unusual skeleton.

the Discovery sparked an unprecedented boom. As suggested by the residents, being a real dinosaur. Its size is relatively small. Most likely, it's a baby. He at one time had strong hind legs, which moved.

the Skeleton was sent for examination to the University Kumaun. Scientists have not yet commented on the find, since no known test results. However, experts immediately said that this is hardly a dinosaur. On the found there was indeed a flesh, and she could not survive till our days. Most likely, the remains belong to an ordinary cat.