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Archaeologists: Many centuries ago the Earth was a nuclear war

NEWS PLANET 17.12.2017 at 18:21

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A Group of archaeologists reported that they found traces of nuclear battles, which more than two centuries. This indicates a more developed civilization, previously living on earth, according to the portal

it Should be noted that in the epic of Ancient India there is a mention of the Mahabharata. A collective name for all the wars that were carried out centuries ago.

According to some scholars, in ancient scrolls could be described by a nuclear battle. Came across this idea strange descriptions of military action. So, for example, flash if to believe ancient Scriptures was so powerful that it surpassed in brightness the Sun. People in turn, because of the explosions was losing hair and nails.

Recently, archaeologists have found evidence of the legends from India was discovered the radiation ash. Traces of explosions are noticed in Pakistan. At the moment, the background radiation there is up to 50 times higher than normal. The explosions were so strong that it melted rocks.