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Will effective free help?

CULTURE-prava.rf 17.12.2017 at 17:09

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Will effective free help?

Existing in the region of the free legal aid system needs legislative improvement.

To the conclusion reached by the Council on improvement of legal culture and legal literacy of the population in the Tyumen regional Duma, having heard information on the implementation of socio-educational project "Open school of law" and Federal law "On free legal aid in the Russian Federation".

for four years "Open school of law", created on the basis of Tyumen state University, brings together representatives of state authorities, local governments, law enforcement agencies, academic community, youth and veterans. In terms of the Internet school to "visit" more than 120 thousand people.

According to the curator of the project, Advisor to the rector of the University Olga Zagvyazinsky, held for more than fifty lessons on the most pressing issues of concern to residents of the region. For example, this year much attention was paid to the issues of personal data protection, financial security, prevention of extremism.

In may, the school launched a new site, "the Pumping of a leader", where it is planned to train the younger generation, team work, interaction with the public.

Olga Zagvyazinsky told in detail about all the activities of the school and plans for next year.

the Head of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation on the Tyumen region Vladimir Melekhin reported to the Board on the results of the implementation of the Federal law on free legal aid.

He said such assistance in the region can count more than 537 thousand citizens referred to one or other preferential categories. In the first half of 2017 and his right to use more than 223 thousand residents of the region.

the Legal education of Tyumen actively engaged in notaries, the regional branch of "Association of lawyers of Russia", the Legal clinic at the Tyumen state University, non-government "centre for the protection of rights."

only One chamber of lawyers of the Tyumen region, which is part of the state system of free legal aid, provided Advisory services worth more than 586 thousand rubles.

on the list of participants included 314 lawyers, but only 24 of them worked with the preferential categories of citizens. According to the President of the chamber of Victor Stepina, this is due to several problems arising in the process of implementing the law. One of them is delay in payment of lawyers. In addition, the law is very limited list of beneficiaries and the range of topics, which offers free assistance. As a result, the lawyers are forced to take legal advice in fact, at his own expense.

- Legal assistance sometimes requires more than health, — said Victor Stepin, noting the need to further improve the law.

the Council on improvement of legal culture and legal literacy of the population under the chairmanship of United Russia Vladimir Nefediev recommended that the regional Department of the Ministry of justice to devote special attention to carrying out work on the analysis and generalization of practice of application of lawyers, notaries of the law on free legal aid in order to identify problems and gaps in the current legislation.

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